Alien Mind: Black People Have No Conception of European Morality

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2013

The only historical industry there has ever been among Negroes in Africa is slavery.

Does everyone have an intuitive understanding of The Golden Rule, that rule that forms the basis of all laws: ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’? It is tempting to think that everyone does, but is there any evidence to support this, apart from just personal acquaintance with it? White Europeans have a history that is inseparable from this concept and without it, would never have been able to form the Nations and Empires that identify them throughout history. However, when you investigate African negro psychology and history, you find that they had no knowledge of this law until White Europeans came and attempted to teach them of the benefits it would bring, if they observed it.

The African Negro is unique for having based his entire economy on captive slavery as far back as we can tell, with the bigger capturing and enslaving the smaller. This ‘unjust’ treatment of each other even went so far as to include eating the weaker. This is still a common occurrence today for various purposes –  hunger, desire to obtain magical powers or just simply tradition.

The last state in Africa to outlaw slavery did so within the last ten years, and as it is still socially acceptable and goes on anyway, this was likely only in order to receive aid from ‘The International Community.’ Enslaving and eating one another, just because you can, would be the logical outcome of not being able to comprehend The Golden Rule.

A typical Friday night in the Congo.
A typical Friday night in the Congo.

The Black Mind

When we think, we think in words, and our language defines the limits of what we can think about. There are many words in different languages that cannot be accurately translated into another language, as they represent a unique thought process that is not replicated elsewhere. The English to Zulu language dictionary has only 250 pages, and like the other African Negro languages, does not include a working definition for any abstract concepts, as it is not possible for them to think that way.

Law is an abstract concept, just like promise, obligation, morality, time, consequences and remorse. Because of this, the thought of actually putting yourself in the position of another cannot be formulated by the African Negro. A semblance of the idea’s result can be taught, but only by way of doing something already specified, in order to gain an immediate reward, or to avoid an immediate punishment.

We see the effects of the black incapacity to think abstractly when we look at their technique for managing complex societies; since South Africa was turned over to the blacks, nothing has been maintained. You even have to bring your own equipment to the hospital if you want a Doctor to help you. The idea of preventing something from happening in the future by doing something now, like routine maintenance, is nonsensical to them.

Inability to Empathize

When we see someone in pain, or bleeding, our instincts are to help.  However, in Africa, the sight of someone in distress instils a bloodlust in the negro that spurs them on to increase the agony of the victim in horrific ways. This can be seen in the millions of Negroes with limbs lopped off in Rwanda, and in the infamous ‘necklacing’ where a tire full of gasoline is put around the victims neck, before torturing them so much that they set themselves on fire to make it stop. Much pride is taken in this savagery, with the torture and killings being videotaped so the incident can be relived and shown to friends.

Some tribes of Red Indians were similar, skinning women and children alive and staking captives out and starting fires on their chests. Far from feeling compassion for their victims, once the pain was apparent, it would encourage and excite them all the more. This is all well documented.

Even in the so-called ‘civilized world,’ this still goes on. There are many accounts of Negroes becoming excited at the sight of someone being assaulted and random bystanders not helping, but actually joining in the attack. Many of these attacks have little or no apparent reason behind them. There was a recent case in America where after shooting a mother in the leg, the gunman then shot her new born baby in the face. This is similar to what happens in Liberian cities, where young men boast of killing pregnant women – only over there, they then eat the body parts too.

A typical day out shopping in Kenya.
A typical day out to the shops in Kenya.

An Alien Being

It may be said that White Europeans used to use torture to gain confessions, but this was done to criminals, not just because people were weaker, and they were not tortured to death for sadistic pleasure, but tortured to the end of gaining information from them. They had already been found guilty and the torture was to get the exact truth of what had happened out of them. After the interrogation they were always given the chance to retract their confession, in case they had just given it to make the pain stop.

We have a history of building civilizations, and this ultimately comes back to our intuitive understanding of The Law. There is no history of Negro civilizations, and I think this is due to their inability to understand The Law. It may be beneficial for them as a group to obey it, but it does not come naturally to them, it is not a part of their instinctual make-up.

When they feel they have been wronged, they take vengeance regardless of whether it is justified or not. A recent example of this is in the Trayvon Martin case. This teenager was shot in self-defense by Neighborhood Watchman George Zimmerman, while Trayvon was pounding his head into the pavement. The court case proved beyond any doubt that George Zimmerman was innocent, yet this did not matter to the American Negro. They believed they had been wronged and they wanted to take revenge. The law was seen by them as a means to obtain vengeance, not as a means to obtain justice. When Zimmerman was found innocent and not guilty, there were demands to try him again and threats to kill all white people on twitter. Predictably, many revenge attacks on random white people followed.

Typical fast food in Liberia when there are no tasty humans available.
Typical fast food in Liberia when there are no tasty humans available.

They are What They are

I am not trying to simply insult the Negro race, but rather to objectively review their behavior in a detached manner. It is only when comparing them to other races through a mistaken belief in equality, that the statement of facts appears derogatory. The relative lack of capacity for abstract thinking does manifest in positive ways as well as negative. Depression and neurosis used to be virtually unheard of in Negroes, the same with schizophrenia and suicide. When among their own people, their ways are not seen as being problematic for them.

There is a video online of African Negroes hunting, killing and eating one another. It does not appear as if they have any conscience about doing this, and from their own explanation in other videos, it seems to just be natural behavior for them. It is the way they have lived for thousands of years and the idea of changing it makes no sense to them, unless they are to be immediately rewarded with guns or food for doing so.

Is it fair to force people to go against their own nature and traditions in their own country? I don’t think we should be forcing Negroes to conform to the White man’s law (their own term for it) in their homelands. Is it fair to make the White man live alongside someone who does not have the law written in his heart? I don’t think that is fair either. Like the negro, I do not believe in universal laws; we are under our law, we know what it is, and we can rightly judge our own people’s actions through it. But we have no moral authority to judge another race’s actions, as we can have no personal understanding of their standards by which they deserve to be judged.

When we talk about being under The Law, and the obligation to others that it entails, we are not just encouraging it to avoid punishment, we intuitively know that it is the correct way to live, but there is no evidence to show this is the same for all other races. We are either much better at internalising the golden rule of ‘do unto others,’ or it is something that is inborn within us. This does not appear to be so for the negro though, and we are showing a dangerous lack of imagination in thinking otherwise, as well as committing an injustice by judging their actions according to it.

The ideology of racial separatism, far from being a ‘supremacist ideology,’ is a means of recognizing the fundamental importance of the differences between races, and acknowledging that for any race to fulfill itself, it must be allowed to determine its own destiny.  The truth is, the ones who are violating the rights of Negroes are those who believe they are capable of forcing the moral laws of the White man upon them.