The Chris Bates Rape and Robbery Rampage Proves that We Need Blacks Out of Our Country

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2013

Charlie Christopher Bates
Chris Bates: He looks like a pretty nice guy.

On September the fifth, Charlie Christopher Bates, a 24-year-old black male from Florida, who had only been arrested once in his life – on a battery charge back in 2009 – went on a violent rampage of mass rape and robbery. The spree ended in a police car chase and shootout, during which Bates was killed.

This event, extreme as it was, provides a good framework through which to examine the problem of allowing black people to live in White society.

Though police now believe Bates may have been responsible for a break-in, which involved robbery and rape, on September 3, September 5 is when the bulk of the craziness took place. Bates’ first action was to force his way into a USF-area apartment, where, at gun point, he tied up four men and raped the four girls with them. I have not been able to find the race of the victims, but we can probably assume they were white – or at least not black – given that they were in college.

Then he went around the corner, to attempt another rape.

The Power of Christ Compels You

In a moment that the Christ-haters within our movement should take note of, a White women who was lined up to become the fifth rape victim of Chris Bates began praying when he was forcing her to kiss him and take off her clothes. Bates stopped, allowed her to put her shirt back on, and remained with her for thirty minutes, praying and reading Bible verses.  She was White.

This can be looked at several different ways, of course – he was likely on drugs, he had a childlike mind that harbored primitive superstition, perhaps it was a case of real-life supernatural intervention – but let’s try looking at it this way: the fact that Bates was moved by a prayer indicates to me that he was not ‘evil,’ and that his rampage was simply driven by the overwhelming force of his primitive, bestial drives.

After this, he invaded a college birthday party, where he held 25 people at gun-point, and fired the weapon at least once.  Party-goers claim that he was planning to rape one of the girls, but changed his mind when he found out she had a boyfriend.

Before leaving, he forced them all in a room and told them to stay there.

Upon leaving the apartment, he chased a man on the street, firing three rounds at him; the man was not hit.

The next day, after a police chase that ended with a shoot-out after Bates crashed a stolen car in front of a Waffle House, he was hit multiple times and taken to a hospital, where he died.

This is Just What Black People Do

Given that he was 24-years-old and had only been charged with a criminal offense one time, Bates was in the minority of the black community in that he was extraordinarily well-behaved, in comparison with his kinsmen.  And yet he succumbed to the most bestial of urges, and went on a childlike rampage, severely harming dozens of people – why?

Bates was possibly a fun black guy, as most black guys tend to be – the type of black guy who you meet at a carry-out and joke around with. We might imagine a pit bull, who remains calm with the children for years, and then all of the sudden attacks one. The dog would have been overwhelmed by the base, animal urge for violence which still exists in its blood – he hadn’t been faking the compassion the whole time.

Black people have a biological nature, which developed over thousands of years in the harsh and violent environment of the Dark Continent where might was always right, which drives them to violence. Their constant acts of brutality are simply a part of their racial soul. These behavioral patterns are not something that can be measured by the system of morality developed by White Europeans. We cannot pass judgment on the criminality of blacks anymore than we can pass judgment on the violence of tigers.

Giving Up the Guilt and Saving Our Race

I will not apologize for slavery. I have never owned a slave, and none of my ancestors ever did either. In fact, my ancestors suffered for it, just as I and my brothers and sisters continue to suffer from the presence of the black race on the North American continent. Black slavery, like basically every other problem in the world, was orchestrated by Jewish powers.

Of course, I feel for the black people. As I have said, most of them I meet are genuine, often friendly people. At the same time, they have an animal nature which can be triggered at any moment, and is totally incompatible with White Western society. This is not a matter of morality. Moral questions are secondary to the obvious fact that having black people within my society has caused my people endless suffering, and, in the long run, presents a threat to our very existence.

I do not have a comprehensive answer as to how to deal with this problem. The simple solution would be to give them their own territory, and give them financial support as they establish their own way of living in a new black nation. But that plan would almost certainly fail. Blacks simply are not capable of managing a complex urban society. This has been proven in Rhodesia, and now in Detroit. Due to their variant evolutionary path, they lack the genetic ability to manage the kind of society that European people developed. If we allocated to them a portion of the developed United States to live in, they would starve to death. At the same time, having lived as parasites in our society for generations, they lack the necessary skills to return to a wild environment – if we were to return them to their natural environment in the jungle, they would starve there as well.

Surely, we should do our best to work out the most humane option. I am personally okay with feeding the black population indefinitely, as long as they remain isolated from us. Processed food is cheap. Still they would likely starve, as if we were to put them in their own space, warlords would rise and take immediate control of any food aid we sent them, and use this as a weapon against the weaker among them – just as is happening in Africa now. We could keep all weapons from them, but it would not be long before they remembered how to make spears from tree branches. We could attempt to find intelligent blacks and mulattoes (they do exist), and set them up as leaders of the new nation, but they would likely be immediately overthrown and murdered, as the more intelligent blacks are seen as weak by the larger black population.

The remaining option would be to attempt to implement an apartheid system, such as the one which existed in South Africa before 1994, and in the United States before the civil rights movement, where blacks live in the same cities as us but have separate quarters, schools and places on the bus, would also almost certainly fail.  The present consciousness of the black population, subject as it has been to these decades of Jewish mind-pollution telling them that they are equal to us, and only in the position they are in because of how badly we’ve treated them, would not tolerate such an arrangement, and they would be constantly trying to murder us.

So, if we look at it objectively, even the most well thought-through solution to the black problem can only end with intense suffering for the black race. Thus, I argue, that we must simply accept the reality that there is probably nothing we can do for these people, and that we must put the interests of our own above theirs.  We are not in a place to be overly compassionate.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

By any means necessary.