On the Logic of Black People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2013

The 1967 Black riot in Detroit - because police shut down an illegal bar frequented by blacks, and that hurt their feelings.
The 1967 Black riot in Detroit – because police shut down an illegal bar frequented by blacks, and that hurt their feelings.

Yesterday, I wrote about the stark contrast between the reality of the death of Trayvon Martin and the blacks’ impression of the event.  Adding upon this, I would like to discuss what blacks, if they were capable of reasoning in the same fashion as Whites, could have learned from the Zimmerman verdict, and compare this to what they actually walked away with.

This should serve as a lesson to Whites regarding the nature of black logic.

Here are the lessons that one would logically hope that the black folk would have gleaned from the outcome of the Zimmerman trial:

  1. The American legal system does not exist for the express purpose of sacrificing innocent non-Blacks for the sole purpose of soothing the hurt feelings of the black population.  Yes, this did happened when OJ Simpson butchered his White wife – her family was denied justice and you responded by dancing in the streets – but you can’t count on it happening every time.
  2. For a long time, it was only criminals that carried guns.  Now, some law-abiding citizens carry them as well.  This means that indiscriminately attacking people on the street could have unwanted consequences.  If a gun carrying noncriminal hurts your feelings in any way and you respond by physically attacking them, you may wind up dead.  If you do, a jury will not convict the noncriminal who killed you.

Regrettably, these seemingly obvious points are not being embraced.  Instead, the “lessons” that the black masses have walked away with appear to be the following:

  1. Violent 6′ 2″, 17-year-old pot-smoking thugs are children.
  2. If your feelings get hurt, it is okay to attack someone of significantly smaller stature – if they act in self-defense, you are the victim of a racial hate-crime.
  3. Hispanics are actually White people.
  4. White people will kill you for wearing a hoodie.
  5. If six people are randomly selected to act as jurors, they are racists.

They Just Don’t Get It

OJ Simpson smiling in the court room, after having been told he'd just gotten away with murder.
OJ Simpson smiling in the court room, after having been told he’d just gotten away with murder.

Though the Jewish media can certainly be blamed for egging on the black population in this case, the genetic nature of blacks made this very easy to do.  The simply do not fit into our society, and have a completely different view of what justice is than the average White person.

Nicole Brown Simpson’s parents were forced to watch the man who murdered their daughter walk out of the court room with a smirk on his face, and the blacks cheered and danced in the streets in celebration.  They did not actually believe he didn’t do it – they were happy their team won.  They felt that the White woman who had broken up with a prominent black celebrity, and dating a Jew who they considered White, had it coming.

We can imagine a scene which would have taken place had this murder happened in an all black system – say, in an African tribal situation.  OJ would have been sent to the tribal chief to explain why he had murdered the woman.

Chief: Man, I heard you done killed a bitch.

OJ: Nah man, I ain’t do that shit.

Chief: Nigga, that bitch’s body be layin’ down the the back o’ you hut.  How’d she get there?

OJ: [Looks away, sucks air through teeth].

Chief: Why you do dat?

OJ: That bitch had it comin’.

Chief: I know she did, ain’t she?

OJ: She a stupid bitch.

Chief: Bitch dumber than a box a’ crabs.

OJ: You know this.  Listen man, it’s been real, but I gots ta go.

Chief: Alright man, you good.  But listen – don’t you go killin no more bitches, ya heard?

Though this is a humorous illustration, what we know of the way blacks dealt with conflict in pre-colonial Africa basically followed this model.  Punishment for things such as murder or rape was meted out sparsely, and based on emotions, rather than based on a system designed to provide justice to victims. The <a title=”1967 Detroit Riot – Wikipedia” href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967_Detroit_riot” target=”_blank”>1967 Black riot in Detroit</a> – because police shut down an illegal bar frequented by blacks, and that hurt their feelings.

In the case of Zimmerman, they were upset by the idea that a neighborhood watchman would be suspicious of a young black male walking alone through a gated community.  Surely, no one would doubt that a young black male walking through a gated community is in fact suspicious, given that they are objectively more likely to be up to something no good than a young White man in the same situation.  However, the idea that a White man (even if he is actually Mestizo) would take into account the known reality that a young black male walking through such a neighborhood at night was suspicious and warranted observance offended the black masses.  They likely all understand, on some level, that Trayvon was the one who initiated the confrontation – and yet because the idea of him being followed because of his race hurts their feelings, they felt that Zimmerman should be punished for doing it.

In a very real sense, where Whites viewed the OJ and Zimmerman trials as cases of individuals being on trial, blacks took the view that the entire society was on trial.

We might note here that African blacks had a long standing tradition of human sacrifice, which is a form of giving a life for emotional/psychological reasons, i.e., to make themselves feel better, often when something had gone wrong as a result of their own incompetency (for example, when they were losing a war).  In many ways, this is what they were demanding in the case of Zimmerman – a human sacrifice to make them feel better about the fact that they are more likely to commit crimes than White people – to punish someone else for their own short-comings.

To summerize, blacks logic is as follows:

  1. It is wrong when others point out the fact that blacks are much more likely to commit crime than non-blacks.
  2. If we encounter a non-black who hurts our feelings (as with OJ’s ex-wife dating a “White” guy or Trayvon being followed by a “White” man), we are within out rights to attack them, to kill them if we wish.
  3. We should never be held responsible for our behavior, and the legal rights of non-blacks mean nothing.  We are victims, and thus deserve special treatment.
  4. Whenever an individual white and an individual black have a conflict, this amounts to a form of race war, and sides must be taken along these lines.

This mode of thought is as alien to White European people as the black cannibalism and voodoo rituals were to the original White explorers of Africa. The shouts of “racism” also fit into this emotionality that they exhibit.  Blacks are significantly poorer than Whites because they have a significantly lower genetic capacity to function in a complex social/economic system.  As this is surely a sore point, they blame Whites for their own shortcomings, shouting “racism” whenever it is evident that they are incapable of performing at the level of Whites.

The Bottom Line

The differences between our races are irreconcilable.  This is simply a fact.  We are never going to see eye-to-eye with one another, and blacks will always sublimate their jealousy of us into a victimization complex, which they act out in a war against White society – which in their minds is a defensive action.

Instead of trying forever in futility to find common ground with these people, as the Jews keep claiming is the only possible course of action, the time has come to recognize the reality that our two peoples are incompatible with one another, and in order for both of our races to exist in the ways we want to exist, we must separate from one another.

There is the only logical conclusion that any rational person could ever come to.