Alleged Pig-Fucker David Cameron Wants to Do the Israel Ceasefire Deal

Everything always has to be buzzwords these days.

“Sustainable” is a hot term for global warming gibberish; now we’re talking about “sustainable” peace.

No ceasefire is sustainable. Israel has been at war with Palestine since the 1940s and it’s been a serious war of conquest and domination since 1967. You’re not doing anything “sustainable” now.

The Guardian:

The foreign secretary, David Cameron, has called for a “sustainable” ceasefire in the Gaza conflict, as he warned that “too many civilians have been killed” by Israel in spite of its right to eliminate the threat posed by Hamas.

In a significant shift in tone by the UK government, Cameron, in a joint article with the German foreign affairs minister Annalena Baerbock, wrote: “Our goal cannot simply be an end to fighting today. It must be peace lasting for days, years, generations. We therefore support a ceasefire, but only if it is sustainable.

We know many in the region and beyond have been calling for an immediate ceasefire. We recognise what motivates these heartfelt calls.

“It is an understandable reaction to such intense suffering, and we share the view that this conflict cannot drag on and on. That is why we supported the recent humanitarian pauses.” It came after it emerged that three Israeli hostages killed by the Israel Defence Forces in Gaza were bare chested and carrying a white flag when they were shot, according to an initial military investigation.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, told a press conference late Saturday that they were as “committed as ever” to war. He said they were determined to fight to the end and Gaza “will be demilitarised and under Israeli security control following the defeat of Hamas”.

The killing of the three hostages – who were kidnapped by Hamas on 7 October during its assault on southern Israel – has triggered widespread anger and incredulity in Israel amid a mounting sense of anxiety over the safety of the remaining hostages in Gaza.

Cameron and Baerbock write in an article, published in The Sunday Times and Welt am Sonntag in Germany, “Israel will not win this war if their operations destroy the prospect of peaceful coexistence with Palestinians. They have a right to eliminate the threat posed by Hamas. But too many civilians have been killed.”

Following Biden’s comments last week that Israel was losing international support because of its “indiscriminate bombing”, US officials have told Israel that its window for conducting major combat operations in Gaza is fast closing.

I forgot David Cameron was foreign secretary now. That just happened last month, and his name hasn’t really come up much since.

I think he had sex with a pig, didn’t he? Or was that just in the Black Mirror episode?

Anyway, that’s not really the point here. But this guy had a pretty tough fall from grace, so I’m sure he’d like to be the “peace man” – especially given that Boris and to a slightly lesser extent Rishi are both lunatic warmongers.

Cameron has a serious dog in this fight, as pictures of him shaking hands with Bibi and ending the thing would make everyone forget about that Black Mirror episode and/or the real life sex with a pig.

It makes a lot of sense he would be the guy to make it happen, since the US doesn’t have the ability to do it, and the UK is the closest shill for the US. Uncle Sam definitely does not want Germans or French getting involved.

By the way, just to be clear: I’m joking about not remembering the pig-fucker details. You don’t forget something like that. Cameron was alleged to have been a pig-fucker, and then they did the Black Mirror episode.

It was some kind of college hazing ritual. I think he just stuck his dick in the mouth of a roast pig, which is sort of like, not a huge deal.

It’s hilarious and whatever, but I don’t think this is disqualifying, and it’s really a psy-op that he had done so many other things that were disqualifying, but this is how everyone remembers him.

The Black Mirror episode was fantastic though. I mean, it’s gross, because if I recall he actually does have sex with a pig to prevent a terrorist from killing a woman (they don’t show it or anything, but still).

The first two seasons of the show were all great, then it turned horrible because I think the writer ran out of good ideas but wanted the money to keep flowing. It gets called “Blacked Mirror” because of the diversity in the show, but it is all very tight near-future scifi stories (none of which were especially original, but hadn’t been done in this format).

The show made the situation much worse for Cameron, because it was so popular.

Anyway: Cameron is as much of a scumbag as any of these European technocrats, but he needs this, so he is the best man for the job. If you sent in Boris, he’d start trying to bully Bibi into killing even more children.

I guess probably Prince Muhammed wants to be involved as well, just to have his name on it, and I think Israel would want him in the room also.

But… I’m not convinced there is going to be any “sustainable” ceasefire. It’s probably more likely to spiral into some kind of joint action in Yemen, aimed at starting an open war with Iran.