Spain: Madrid’s Regional Assembly Strips Back Protections for Trannies and Regular Faggots

Do you see what we’re saying here?

They’re starting to walk back all this stuff that they went so hard on – the trannies and the immigrants both, we are seeing this step back in response to public outcry.

But when you see it in the history books, this step backward will not even register after all of these leaps forward. You create a situation of total misery, then make it 10% less miserable, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief, because at least it’s not quite as bad as it was. No one thinks about the way things were in like, 2010.


Madrid’s regional assembly on Friday passed a proposal by the Spanish capital’s ruling conservative People’s Party (PP) to strip back protections for transgender people, sparking outcry from the opposition and LGBTQ activists.

The bill, which amended a regional trans rights law and an LGBTQ rights law – both passed in 2016 with the PP’s backing – makes Madrid the first Spanish region to roll back such legislation.

It was approved with 80 votes in favour and 53 against thanks to the absolute majority the PP holds in the chamber. It was also supported by the far-right Vox party, which governs in coalition with the PP in some Spanish cities and regions but not in Madrid.

Under the reform, discriminating against workers on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity is no longer a punishable offence. It is also no longer a punishable offence to beat a person without causing injury on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Sounds like open season on bags of oranges that don’t leave a mark…!

No, no. I’m joking. But apparently that is legal.

Amid jeers from the opposition, the PP’s Monica Levin defended the reform as a way to stop what she described as “social engineering” and “getting into people’s privacy and manipulating them in order to pit them against each other and then come to their rescue”.

Carla Antonelli, an assemblymember for the left-wing Mas Madrid party who is trans, wore red gloves symbolising bloodied hands during the raucous debate preceding the vote.

Under the reform lawmakers also replaced the terms “trans people” and “gender identity” with “transsexuals” and “transsexuality”, terms which activists say are archaic and demeaning. The option of changing names on regional documents before adapting the national ID was also eliminated.

This actually seems pretty hardcore. But there is no one named “Monica Levin” who is not Jewish (or married to a Jew, I suppose).

Madrid’s regional assembly is a circus.

I don’t know how people see that and think it’s normal for the government to look like that.

“Government by disheveled slobs.”