American Freedom Party Protests the Anti-White Culture

[Though I have not been shy is stating my skepticism regarding A3P/AFP, this is definitely a good job, and they deserve to be acknowledged for it. Reading this, I feel almost as thought they’ve responded to my criticism!–Ed.]

American Freedom Party
July 29, 2013

On television and through newspapers and other mainstream news commentary much has recently been made about the shooting death of a Black Florida teenager. Rather than analyzing the situation from a common-sense perspective or giving the bit it’s fifteen minutes (which is all it really warranted), mega-media outlets have explicitly demonstrated their concerted anti-White stance by placing the blame of every social ill squarely on the shoulders of White people, claiming that, even though it is now practically illegal to hold negative opinions of non-Whites, the entirety of American society is one giant grinding machine of hate and oppression, chewing up and spitting out non-Whites, especially Blacks, by disallowing them access to everything from decent educational opportunities to a friendly smile during late-night elevator rides.

While utter hogwash, the above, heretofore, has essentially been the only perspective given a voice on any scale. Blacks march on every street in our country, but Whites remain silent. Every television news channel, including that darling of the Republican Party, has refused to say what is on every White mind. Further, most outlets have pushed specifically anti-White rhetoric, running nonstop “specials” that include “dialogue” wherein the perspective of millions of White Americans is completely absent and the opinions of self-hating homosexuals and pretend-White, Jewish intellectuals substituted.

Anti-White-Racism-IV-530pxOn Saturday, July 27th, members and supporters of the American Freedom Party, along with activists from Northwest Front and a growing Christian nationalist organization, the Nationalist Movement, met on the corner of a heavily trafficked suburban Portland intersection to provide another perspective, albeit one limited by a budget of tens, rather than millions, of dollars.


Although none of the signs held by activists, which stated slogans such as, “anti-White media is bad news” and “Whites have rights, too” specifically mentioned the trial and news commentary surrounding it, passersby easily comprehended the topical nature of the protest, shouting from their cars everything from, “one less gang banger” to “hail Zimmerman.” Although not every show was of support, the vast majority of people who saw the signs supported their messages. One area gentleman was so enthused by the prospect of Whites standing up for themselves that he pulled his car around and came out to protest with the activists.
While standing up for Whites is certainly a road-less-travelled, the majority of Whites, especially in areas of the country where Whites are still a stable and increasing majority, will support a pro-White perspective if given the chance to do so. Our people, while gullible at times, and despite what the homosexuals at CNN pretense to be our reality, are not suicidal or masochistic. Working class Whites, especially, still have enough pride to care about themselves and their families.


Those of us who are part of the budding movement for White advocacy owe our kin the opportunity to stick up for themselves. With limited resources, the best we can do now is to show other Whites that they are not alone in how they feel. It could very well be that Saturday’s event was the first time some White passersby saw Whites standing up for themselves. The uniqueness of the event was underscored by the number of photos taken from cars. Presumably, drivers were shocked by the novelty of it all, which, of course, highlights the severity of the position our people find themselves in.


At this point, it can safely be said that Whites as a group are without representation, politically, and that we lack a voice within corporate media, the greatest factor in shaping general public opinion. Our people are essentially bullied by other races and every special interest with a bone to pick with traditional Americanism.

However, American Freedom Party member and local Oregon activist, Frank Anderson, had this to say:
“I have been standing on street corners and passing out literature for several years now. Not only have I noticed an increase in the ease of finding people to join me, no matter where am in the country, but I have noticed a change in the attitudes of those we are trying to reach. Everything is more polarized. Our support is greater, and the hatred of those who oppose us has become heightened.

Over the years, I have spoken with so many people. Depending on their level of support, I usually point them in several directions. First, I give them any event specific literature we have on hand. Then, I tell them about the party and provide them general party literature. Finally, if the person is super “hip” and relatively well-informed, I ask them if they have heard of The party is growing and SF is growing, so I must be doing something right.”

There will be a future for our people, no matter what the case, but it is up to current activists within the White advocacy movement to direct that future in a positive direction. We are a sovereign people, even now; we just have to stand up for ourselves.

The American Freedom Party is an actual political party and not an “org.” or “crew.” AFP leaders hope for the party to eventually act as a vehicle through which White advocates perform political outreach. Party activists support the efforts of anyone who works on behalf of White interests. Party leaders likewise ask that White advocates assist and support party efforts concerning a front that nobody else wants to man, namely, the specifically political.