American Missiles Kill Russian Priest in the Ukraine

This really sums it up, doesn’t it?

The United States is a satanic empire that kills Christians.


Veteran Russian military priest Mikhail Vasilyev has been killed in Ukraine, the Moscow Patriarchate said in a  statement on Sunday. According to media reports, he died of shrapnel wounds from a missile launched by a US-made HIMARS system.

The priest was the rector at St. Barbara cathedral, the Patriarchate’s metochion for Russia’s strategic missile forces.

The 51-year-old cleric had served with the Russian military for decades, the Patriarchate noted. Vasilyev took part in multiple armed conflicts, providing spiritual guidance to the country’s troops during Russian peacekeeping missions to Kosovo and Bosnia, conflicts in Abkhazia and Kyrgyzstan, insurgencies in Russia’s North Caucasus, and the operation in Syria.

He was a non-combatant of course, but to be fair, this is something that is going to happen in war. I don’t think it can be specifically condemned beyond simply condemning the American war effort in its entirety.

But it’s symbolic. It is symbolic that America is killing Christian priests. This is what the American BEAST system does – they destroy things that are good.

America is a vampire nation because it is run by vampire Jews.