“Americans Can’t Even Tell Us Apart” – Wang Calls for Strengthening Asian Racial Consciousness

This is very obvious.

All of the American media people complaining about this and calling these “racist comments” should be forced to do a test and show that they can tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.

Because I guarantee you, they can’t tell. Anyone who has enough racial experience to have started picking up on these differences is not going to be a liberal journalist. Moreover, a liberal journalist will actually block out obvious observations about racial differences in order to protect his own worldview.


The Chinese Communist Party’s foreign policy chief has called on East Asians not to mimic Westerners, while making the case for improved regional integration at a three-way forum with Japan and South Korea.

“When Chinese, Japanese or Korean people travel to the US, the Americans can’t even tell us apart,” Wang Yi claimed. “If we go to Europe, the situation will certainly be the same.”

Wang argued that people from the Far East “cannot become” Europeans or Americans, “even if we dye our hair white or have surgery to straighten our noses,” according to a video from the event, shared by Chinese media. “We have to know our roots,” he added.

The senior policymaker said China should have closer cooperation with Japan and South Korea – which both have pro-Western governments – arguing that this would “not only meet our common goals and aspirations of our people,” but also benefit the region and the world in general.

The remarks were filmed during a panel discussion at the annual International Forum for Trilateral Cooperation, which took place on Monday in Qingdao, in China’s Shandong Province.

Some Western media outlets, such as CNN, reported on the video, accusing the diplomat of making “racialized comments” but without mentioning that the remarks were a critique of purported Western attitudes and attempts to appease them.

One pundit focused on Wang’s apparent call for ethnic solidarity between East Asians against the West, saying: “Imperial Japan really leaned into that as it expanded, eventually declaring a ‘Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere’, with conquest styled as win-win racial liberation.”

Having been around all of the Asians, I can tell you they have a lot of differences.

The Americans took this to exclusively mean physical differences.

There are definitely physical differences, which Americans definitely cannot distinguish. But there are a lot of differences, and Wang was using the comments on appearance to reference the larger situation of shared interests due to shared ethnicity and geography.

Chinese are basically baseline. Japanese are sex perverts, Koreans are taller and fairer. Southeast Asians are different from each other, and are all much less developed than their northern cousins. There are a lot of different cultural differences I could go into which likely wouldn’t even make any sense to someone who doesn’t have experience with them, but it’s generally understood that Asians all dislike each other. Even countries with shared backgrounds and much more similar genetics, language, and customs – China and Vietnam or the Buddhist nations of the Indochina region – do not necessarily get along.

However, they are all a lot more similar than any of them are to the West. They should at least be able to reach an understanding.

It is basically retarded for anyone to suggest anyone other than the Chinese would be the leaders of Asia. That just isn’t going to happen – at least not in the next several hundred years. China is coming from a position of strength, but is appealing to nations much weaker than them on the grounds of their own interests. You’ll note that America, when they are in the position of strength, simply issues dictates backed up by threats of military interference.

The Asians absolutely should stand together. Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, or Filipinos have zero to gain by going against China in order to push the agenda of the ZOG global Anal Empire. All they are going to do is hurt themselves, and in the end, China is going to win anyway. If they decide to back the US in a war, then the next time they have this conversation with the Chinese, the Chinese are likely to be much less cordial.