China has Total Ability to Thwart the Idiotic “Green Agenda” That Western Anti-China Lunatics are Pushing

I think we all need to take a moment and reflect on the fact that there is a 100% overlap between anti-China fanatics and believers in the global warming hoax who want to use deadly poisonous chemicals to build useless doom machines (and genocide birds and whales).

The most hilarious thing about this whole conflict with China is that the Stupid Fatmericans believed that China was going to be their greatest ally up until like, 2013.

Then it turned out that Xi was not a democracy individual, but rather returning China to its traditional form of government, which is an imperial monarchy overseeing a mercantile empire.

For the last decade, all of these faggots have been like “oh boy, what do we do now???”

In actual reality, China would do anything you paid them to do, in terms of producing whatever stupid-ass environmentally destructive “green technology.” China will make anything if you pay them. But that is not good enough for the West, who insists that they adopt their stupid, satanic system of “democracy,” or pay the ultimate price.

Ernest Scheyder and Eric Onstad – who are both probably Jewish – write for Reuters:

Refining rare earths for the green energy transition is hard. Just ask MP Materials and Lynas.

The world’s two biggest rare earths companies outside of China are facing challenges turning rock from their mines into the building blocks for magnets used across the global economy, from Apple’s iPhone to Tesla’s Model 3 to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet.

The West’s push to develop independent supplies of critical minerals took on greater urgency after Beijing imposed export controls last month on the strategic metals gallium and germanium, raising global fears that China could block exports of rare earths or processing technology next.

Recent struggles by MP, Lynas and other companies to refine their own rare earths highlight the difficult task the rest of the world faces to break China’s stranglehold on the key group of 17 metals needed for the clean energy transition, interviews with more than a dozen consultants, executives, investors and industry analysts showed.

Technical complexities, partnership strains and pollution concerns are hampering companies’ ability to wrest market share away from China, which according to the International Energy Agency controls 87% of global rare earths refining capacity.

If projects continue to struggle, several economies could fail to meet their goal of cutting carbon emissions to net zero 2050 to minimize climate change’s impact, without Beijing’s involvement.

Plans for Australia’s Lynas to build a U.S. rare earths refinery with a Texas-based partner have collapsed, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Lynas has said it is trying to finish a rare earths refinery in Western Australia that has faced hurdles and is building its own plant elsewhere in Texas.

MP’s goal of refining its own rare earth metals in 2020 was snagged by COVID-19 pandemic and technical challenges, shifting its target to the end of 2023. Updates could come on Thursday when the company is expected to report its quarterly results.

Late last year, U.S.-based MP said it was commissioning refining equipment near its California mine as part of an intricate calibration process that has so far not succeeded, leaving the company reliant on China for refining and thus nearly all of its revenue. MP is also building a Texas magnet facility to supply General Motors that will require the California refining equipment to be operational.

What’s happened in China over many years is that they’ve invested heavily and cleverly in the processing capacity to convert the (rare earths) material all the way from the mine through to the magnet,” said Allan Walton, a metallurgy professor at the University of Birmingham.

I don’t know if that was “clever” or not – it was just normal business practices. The West told the Chinese they were going to pay them to build all of this dangerous and destructive “green” technology, so they were like “okay, well, we’ll go ahead and get the supplies and start making this product you want to purchase.”

I assume that many of the “rare earths” are also valuable for the production of normal consumer technology, but most of the super poisonous stuff from Africa is literally only used to produce these useless and genocidal windmills, poisonous lightbulbs that emit radiation that does weird (and still not understood) shit to your brain, crap for stupid and pointless electric cars, and other dangerous “green” crap.

China’s refining expertise has allowed the country to engineer rare earths prices at different stages in the processing chains to its advantage, including low prices for finished products, to inhibit foreign competition, analysts said.

Rare earths refining “is not really being addressed even by those who are developing magnet capacity,” said Ryan Castilloux, a minerals consultant at Adamas Intelligence.

By strategically focusing on industries that use the magnets—built with rare earths refined in China at profit margins purposefully kept low—Beijing can boost its booming EV industry, Castilloux added.

China’s model came into sharp relief last month when rare earths prices sank to their lowest level in nearly three years, due in part to rising Chinese supply. China also offers a 13% export rebate to magnet manufacturers using its material, furthering its dominance.

Beijing for years has allowed imports of lightly processed rock known as rare earths concentrate for refining. The strategy helps ensure prices that incentivize other countries to dig new mines but not build processing plants that can also produce radioactive waste, analysts said.

MP shipped about 43,000 metric tons of concentrate to China last year for refining. Regulatory filings show it has also been selling China fluoride waste—at a loss—left by a previous owner at its site in California, which has stringent storage regulations for the material.

Myanmar, Vietnam and others also ship concentrate to China for refining.

Lynas refines concentrate in Malaysia that it produces in Australia, but authorities in Kuala Lumpur plan to block the imports next year, citing concerns the Lynas plant leaks radioactive waste, a charge Lynas disputes. It aims to open a replacement processing plant in Australia later this year.

Yeah, this entire green project is so destructive that even third world countries are like “we can’t have this shit in our country, it’s too poisonous.”

China is a big country, and cares a lot less about the environment, so they will do it and then just bury the waste. Furthermore, they’re not using much of this green crap themselves (other than the exploding death batteries in their coal-powered electric cars, which are cheaper and better than those produced by Elon X), and instead exporting it to retards in Europe and America (or they were) who are polluting their own countries.

The company has long sold rare earth metals in the United States to privately held Blue Line to process into specialized materials.

In 2019, the pair agreed to build refining facilities near San Antonio, Texas and discussed with Trump administration officials their plans to be “the only large scale producer of separated (rare earth elements) in the world outside of China,” according to emails obtained by Reuters.

But that effort, funded in part by the Pentagon, has since collapsed, two sources told Reuters. Reasons for the collapse, which has not been previously reported, could not be immediately determined.

The entire “green” project needs to be canceled. It’s simply too destructive to the earth, and it is too stupidly expensive.

If people want electric cars, they can somehow run on rails. I don’t know how that would work, but trollies exist.

(I don’t know, but I think you could build roads with electric emitters under them – although that might give everyone cancer.)

It is never going to be a good idea to produce lithium batteries for anything beyond small consumer electronics. These windmills are never going to produce more electricity than they consume in the manufacturing process. Solar panels are retarded for any purpose other than living in the middle of a desert alone (which is a rare action).

The “green agenda” is going to destroy the world. It is going to poison everything, and make the planet uninhabitable.

Even if manmade global warming was real – who cares? This isn’t going to stop it anyway, and if it was happening, why would that matter? The earth was much warmer at various periods in history.

Is this all just about fat people worrying they are going to become too sweaty?

Originally, they told us that “fossil fuels” would run out. That turned out to be a total hoax.

It’s just all such a massive scam. It is difficult to process that the population is so retarded they would go along with this, and make actual, real life personal sacrifices over a hoax so obvious.

At least with the Covid hoax there was a theoretical threat. These global warming people either make up stupid threats that are obvious lies – like when Al Gore said the ice caps were melting (again, is this actually a threat? Go ask the Dutch about living below sea level) – or they keep everything very vague, like “tornados are coming…”

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.