An Anti-Semite’s Guide to Hanukkah

Daily Stormer
December 24, 2019

Let’s look at the facts about Hanukkah.

  • Hanukkah is a fake festival that played no significant role in Jewish culture until American Jews worked it up in the 20th century to become a rival to Christmas. Their goal was to vitiate Christian tradition and defile feelings of national unity.
  • Hanukkah is based on history’s least impressive “miracle.” The Jews claim they lit candles in their temple with oil that should only have been enough to last one day but instead it lasted eight days. It’s like saying “I thought the battery in my cellphone would only last 1 hour, instead it lasted 8 hours! It’s a miracle! Everyone must celebrate this for thousands of years to come!!”
  • Apart from brief references, there are no significant historical sources related to the Hanukkah story other than the Jewish ones. As in so many episodes involving a clash between Semitism and the rest of the human race, then, what we have left in the written record is the Jew version of history.
  • The Jews present the history behind Hanukkah as a heroic tale of patriotic resistance by Jews (led by the Maccabees) against foreign invaders (the Seleucids). In fact, the conflict began as a struggle for dominance (in particular control of the influential office of High Priest) between powerful Jewish clans. One clan sought Seleucid intervention in Jewish affairs; the other allied with the Seleucids’ rivals, the Ptolemies. Later, the Maccabees formed an alliance with the Romans against the Seleucids. The foreign intervention, then, was actively solicited by the Jews themselves.
  • As ever, Jews claim the Seleucids hated them for no reason. In fact, all the evidence indicates that, prior to the conflict, the Seleucids were tolerant and well-disposed towards the Jews. The Jews had done something to provoke them, most likely rebelling when the Seleucids were making preparations for war with Egypt. This would have been interpreted as a dastardly “stab in the back.” As Jew historian Viktor Tcherikover noted: “It was not the revolt which came as a response to the persecution, but the persecution which came as a response to the revolt.”
  • When the Maccabee family prevailed in the conflict and established what came to be known as the Hasmonean dynasty, they established a tyrannical regime that persecuted its political opponents. A mythologized narrative of the struggle against the “Greeks” was enshrined in the First and Second Book of Maccabees and became part of official propaganda. Lighting the menorah candles became a public duty; the candles had to be visible to all. It thus amounted to both a loyalty test and a ritual humiliation of the regime’s opponents. In recreating it more than two thousand years later, Jews are therefore celebrating an instrument of political persecution.
  • The Jews and their apologists claim that the Maccabean revolt was about defending religious liberty. Not so. In fact, it was about suppressing religious liberty. The narrative of the revolt begins with the supposed hero Mattathias killing another Jew because he performed a sacrifice to a non-Jewish god. Here is the extract from the First Book of Maccabees: “Now when he had left speaking these words, there came one of the Jews in the sight of all to sacrifice on the altar which was at Modin, according to the king’s commandment.Which thing when Mattathias saw, he was inflamed with zeal, and his reins trembled, neither could he forbear to shew his anger according to judgment: wherefore he ran, and slew him upon the altar.
  • The Hasmonean regime that the Maccabees established conquered foreign territories (including Gaza) and tyrannized their inhabitants, proving they were morally no better than the Seleucids they had fought against. It is therefore ludicrous to present them as principled heroes affirming the moral rights of indigenous people against foreign encroachment.
  • The Jews refer to their antagonists in the Hanukkah story as “Greeks” even though they were the Seleucid empire based in Syria. The Seleucids were an ethnically Greek break-off from Alexander the Great’s empire. By referring to them as Greeks, therefore, the Jews are choosing an ethnic designator rather than a geographic one. When this is done in the modern world, the Jews typically call it racism. The Ptolemies, with whom some of the Jews allied against the Seleucids, were also an ethnically Greek break-off from Alexander the Great’s empire. The “Greeks,” then, were both adversaries and allies of Jews in the struggle. Casting it as a struggle between Jews and Greeks is a therefore a sign of both Jewish racism and contempt for historical truth.
  • The Jews present the actions of the Maccabees as a patriotic defense of Jewish religious tradition against foreign efforts to suppress it. In fact, the Maccabees themselves grossly violated Jewish religious tradition by combining secular and religious power, appropriating the position of high priest along with governmental authority.
  • Jewish propaganda often casts the conflict as one between native Judaism and Greek culture (or Hellenism), implying that Hellenic culture was somehow being externally imposed upon the Jews. In fact, many Jews willingly embraced Greek culture because they recognized its superiority. The conflict was primarily not between “Jew and Greek” but between Jews who embraced multiculturalism and Jews who didn’t. The Maccabee side was a Jewish equivalent of the Taliban today. It’s ironic, then, that world leaders given to praising the virtues of diversity and globalism are happy to celebrate an example of historical resistance to it.
  • The Maccabees allied with the rising power of Rome against the Seleucids. But Rome ultimately proved a far bigger threat to the Jews than the Seleucids ever had been. In the end, the Romans utterly vanquished the Jews, subjugated Palestine, destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and banished Jews from the city for centuries. This effectively eliminated the Jewish religion as it then existed, focused, as it was, on the performance of sacrifice within the Jerusalem temple. It was this change that forced the evolution of a new form of Judaism, based not on priests but religious lawyers (rabbis). The Maccabean revolt is therefore one of history’s many examples of the Jews’ hatred for one set of goyim being so irrationally intense that they welcome another set of goyim who, in the end, prove far more harmful to the Jews. We are living through another of those historical examples as the Jews welcome in the brown hordes in a demented desire to get whitey. The Jews keep repeating the parable of the scorpion the frog over and over, never learning any lessons from their experience. It’s their nature; they can’t help it.
  • The Hebrew word menorah has the same linguistic root as the Arabic word minaret. Just as Moslems use minarets to signal domination of conquered territory, menorah-lighting rituals in prominent public places in the West today, such as the White House or Berlin’s Brandenburg gate, serve the same function. It is a way of saying: “This is subjugated land. Here we have the goyim under control.”

As you can see, almost everything the Jews say about Hanukkah is a lie, just like almost everything they say about any other subject.