Anal Empire Considering Sanctioning China Over Ties with Russia

Could you sanction China like you sanctioned Russia and not have that result in a total collapse of the US economy?

Maybe, I guess?

It’s certainly not going to be very good for the European economy, but the Americans seem to care exactly zero about the euros (which is a bit confusing, since that’s who they’re counting on to fight their war on Russia).


The United States and other nations could take steps against Chinese firms and financial institutions over Beijing’s backing for the Russian war against Ukraine, a top U.S. official said on Friday.

The Biden administration has stepped up warnings about China’s backing for Moscow and issued an executive order in December that threatened punitive measures against financial institutions helping Russia skirt Western sanctions.

I think where we are primarily focused are on Chinese companies that have been involved in a systematic way in supporting Russia,” U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell told reporters near the Virginia town of Washington when asked if the Chinese leadership and banks could be targeted.

We’ve also looked closely at financial institutions.”

The State Department’s second-ranked official spoke at the start of a meeting with the vice foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea, Masataka Okano and Kim Hyong Kyun. The three allies have stepped up cooperation in the face of shared concerns about China, North Korea and Russian’s war in Ukraine.

Earlier this week Campbell said there was an urgent need for European and NATO countries to send a collective message of concern to China.

There will be steps that are taken, not just by the United States, but other countries, signaling our profound displeasure about what China is seeking to do in its relationship with Russia on the battlefield in Ukraine,” he said on Friday.

It’s just so wild that the entire world is begging for peace in such an aggressive, public way and the US is saying “no, actually, we’re going to do war everywhere” – and all the while, claiming to be the victim.

If the US simply stopped existing tomorrow, so would any possibility of a major war. There might be small border disputes or whatever, but in terms of major global conflicts, they would all be off the table.

The US is the only one interested in these wars, and they actually have the nerve to go around claiming that it is because they are so good and moral.