Anal “Marriage” Now Officially Legal in Estonia

Well, at least they don’t have to be ruled by Russians.

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The Guardian:

Same-sex couples in Estonia are able to marry from New Year’s Day, in a milestone move people say brings the Baltic nation closer to its Nordic neighbours.

Estonia became the first former Soviet-ruled country to legalise gay marriage when the Riigikogu, Estonia’s parliament, voted in favour of marriage equality in June. A majority of 55 MPs voted for amending the Family Act, while 34 MPs voted against the bill in the 101-seat parliament.

The election victory of the prime minister, Kaja Kallas, in February, who has since led the country’s most progressive coalition government, is credited with bolstering efforts to achieve marriage equality.

“It’s an important moment that shows Estonia is a part of northern Europe,” said Keio Soomelt, the project manager for the Baltic Pride festival.

“For the LGBT+ community, it is a very important message from the government that says, finally, we are as equal as other couples; that we are valuable and entitled to the same services and have the same options,” said Soomelt, who will swap his civil partnership of eight years for a marriage with his husband in 2024.

Marielle Tuum and Annika Unkauf, one of the few dyke couples in Estonia where both members actually look like women

The law came into effect on Monday, with same-sex couples able to register their marriage applications online from New Year’s Day. The first applications will be processed and certified by 2 February, with applications typically taking one to six months to process.

Perceptions of same-sex marriage have shifted in recent years in the largely non-religious country of 1.3 million. In a poll conducted by the Estonian Human Rights Centre this year, 53% of Estonians supported same-sex marriage. A decade ago, it was just 34%.

Civil partnerships and cohabiting partners have been legally recognised by Estonia since 2013.

Meanwhile, in Russia, since the war started, Putin has escalated the anti-gay agenda to the point where faggots are basically being rounded up on the street.

I know where I’d rather live.

Estonia’s first and only woman prime minister