Analysts Say Mass Immigration Responsible for Rise of the Right Wing

Daily Stormer
June 17, 2015


Boy, these analysts sure are smart.


The current rise of far-right parties in the European Union was triggered by mass migration and the lack of common political and economic goals shared by the bloc’s members, European political analysts told Sputnik Tuesday.

“The question of migration acts as a thermometer, showing that from an integration, economic and political point of view, the EU is in a situation of contraction that pushes EU countries to extremes,” Nicolas Kazarian, a political analyst and an associate research fellow at the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs IRIS, said.

According to Kazarian, the European Union today is weaker in terms of the economy and less competitive in global markets than during the period of its establishment. Economic woes and particularly the debt crisis in Greece have contributed to popular support for right parties.

“From a political point of view, there is no more common political goal for EU countries as it was at the creation of the Union. In these circumstances, European identity has turned to the idea of nationalism as a particular identity of each country, patriotism,” Kazarian said.

Stephen Barber, a reader in Public Policy at London South Bank University and a member of the Political Studies Association, expressed skepticism about the consistency of anti-EU sentiment.

“The thing about immigration is that it feeds into an easy populism… It’s very easy to make anti-immigration comments and become popular and gain votes for it,” Barber told Sputnik.

Yes, it is very easy. Because everyone hates immigrants. It’s a popular point of view.

And it is the only position of most of the current right-wing parties in Europe. So, saying that their popularity is due to their anti-immigrant sentiment is like saying “the popularity of McDonald’s French fries is due to their saltiness.”

Analysts are not needed to explain this.