Another Dream I Had

It was Sundays ago that I woke up and pounded out the details of a dream I had, which became a cool scifi story that I kind of want to work into a novel. It was six thousand words, a very interesting premise, which was not really very well fleshed out, but which you got a glimpse of. The dream was recorded as it was, accurately.

This Sunday, I woke up from another iconic dream which I must recount. This one was more of a nightmare.

Last night, it was late in my time zone, and I was getting ready for sleep when Beardson of texted me and asked me to come on his internet streaming show. I told him I was tired and mid-range drunk, but okay. I make my own schedule, okay? If I want to stay up late into the night half drunk on an internet stream, that is my adult right and my free person right. Joe Brandon the psycho dictator guy isn’t going to tell me I can’t do that.

So, I had the emergency Monster energy drink in my mini-fridge, and some emergency instant macaroni and cheese, and sobered up a little bit, and exercised these freedoms. I probably said a few things I shouldn’t, but hey – whatever. Joe Brandon, who is now some kind of psycho dictator, isn’t going to tell me I can’t say the n-word. I haven’t committed any crimes, I haven’t been charged with any crimes, and I’m a grown adult and God gave me these freedoms. (Here’s the replay of the show. Don’t forget that now has a podcast – a feed for each show – which I shilled for personally.)

It was a fun show. Beardson called because CloudFlare had decided to ban Kiwi Farms, making them the third site to be banned by Kiwi Farms. The banning was the result of a campaign by some tranny troll. I actually forgot this last night, but it was a tranny that lobbied for me to be banned after I made a Charlottesville joke about Heather Heyer dying. (Here is that infamous article – still live in these tubes.) Kiwi Farms, which is a drama forum that harasses various people from the internet and has over the years attracted a pretty strange crowd, was banned because someone posted that they were sending snipers and planting bombs to kill the tranny.

Kiwi Farms was supposed to be about “internet drama,” but became a cyberstalking site, so they had tracked this tranny to where it was in public – apparently in Belfast – and some guy posted this:

CloudFlare claimed that they had to act immediately to save the tranny from certain doom.

I hadn’t actually seen this story. The last thing I’d seen was CloudFlare saying that they wouldn’t ban Kiwi Farms. This is the same thing they did to me – they said they wouldn’t ban us, then they did ban us. Then they said they changed their mind because of something someone had posted on a forum. Matthew Prince, who is just a rat frankly, did an interview with VICE about it and implied that “The Daily Stormer” had said that he was a secret Nazi. In reality, someone had made that joke on the site’s forum, where there were like, tens of thousands of people registered – and there was open registration. He later gave different reasons for the ban, and claimed that he would never ban anyone else.

I have always thought poring through the DS forum to find some excuse for a ban was bizarre, and wondered if Prince didn’t post that comment himself, as it was clearly a prepared justification. I don’t think I ever even saw the comment, but it flashed across the screen in the VICE piece, I think with the commenter’s name blurred out. So I wonder if Prince wasn’t also the one who went on Kiwi Farms to post that threat to create a casus belli. Using posts on an open comments board twice in a row as excuses for a ban is bizarre.

Anyway, we didn’t really talk about that much on the show. Everyone on hates Kiwi Farms, so they are sort of gloating. I haven’t really read Kiwi Farms in so many years, I don’t really know, but I did see some screenshots of some stuff I didn’t think was funny at all. As I understand it, the board had become “general free speech” on some libertarian principle, which is going to lead to a hive of scum and villainy – neo-Nazis and trannies, basically. I don’t think it is possible for a small platform to be “pure free speech” in that way, and the website not be exploited. I support free speech on principle, but I would not go through what I went through in 2017 just so random people I don’t know could say rude things that don’t matter on my website. “I might not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll fight for your right to say it” becoming “I might not be threatening to blow up that tranny, but I’ll host a website for you to do so” doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m sure the post would have been deleted and was probably flagged and waiting for moderation, which is why I would suspect the CloudFlare people posted it themselves. The post that he banned me over – which again, I can’t find right now, but remember seeing on his VICE interview – I never would have deleted, because it was just a dumb joke, saying like “they must be anti-Semites too.” I will tell you: I would have deleted that post if CloudFlare had asked me to. I would have deleted the entire forum, in fact. Forums are a nightmare, and mostly worthless. They cause mental health type behavior to emerge. I was fighting to say what I wanted to say, not for some asshole I don’t know in what amounted to the comments section of the website. This is just such a scummy thing, to ban websites based on comments.

By the way: the second banning was of 8chan, which was also banned for a comment. Brenton Tarrant, who shot up the mosque in New Zealand, had posted his manifesto there. But Tarrant had streamed on Facebook, and Facebook never took down the stream until it was over. Facebook wasn’t pulled off the internet.

Being banned from CloudFlare effectively means being banned from the internet, as the only thing you can do after that is work with the Chinese or the Russians, and the fact that this has happened three times, and in every case it is Matthew Prince – who is a total gaywad, by the way – taking action as a janny. It is the single most trite and trivial excuse for such extreme action to be taken against a fundamental right. Daily Stormer was on the way to becoming the preeminent alternative news website – we would have been bigger than Breitbart, The Daily Wire, and all of that other stuff combined if it were not for the censorship. And of course that’s fine. It’s part of the thing. The reason Breitbart and The Daily Wire are big is because they are safe sites totally run by Jews. I was banned for talking about the Jews – that is the fact. But they won’t say that.

We all remember the old meme.

Jews are not going to say “we’re banning you because you say Jews are powerful.” They won’t say that outright. So you get banned for people in your comments section.

I don’t know if Kiwi Farms was even political, so this might represent a kind of escalation of the type of content that is being censored as well. I think Andrew Tate being banned was a big escalation in banning, as he was totally non-political, and they banned him for saying, like, “women are whores” or whatever. We talked a little bit about Andrew Tate last night.

I don’t know if the show is worth listening to or not, I can’t necessarily recommend it, because I was tired and pretty sauced. It was just a spur of the moment thing I did for fun, so it’s not something I would tell anyone to waste their time on.

What I will say to my fellow aging millennials: there does come an age when you can’t drink a pretty bit and then just chug an energy drink and eat a bowl of carbs to sober up and then stay up 4 hours past your bedtime and not end up feeling like crap the next day. It’s strange, because I’m probably in the best shape of my life, but these kinds of life decisions just hit differently in middle age. It’s unrelated to fitness – it’s just age. I used to be able to do whatever, sleep for a couple hours and then do it again.

So after the show I fell asleep immediately, without brushing my teeth (which is very rare for me – especially given that I’d had that sugar in the Monster, which is not part of my normal routine). And then I had a dream, which is what I am going to share with you now. It was a true nightmare:

I was trying to embed an Instagram post, and there was a secret porn spam link in it, and it felt like the dream was real time: 8 hours of hunting the porn link in the Instagram embed code.

For anyone who doesn’t know: Instagram has a hard policy of forcing you to log in, and I am not logging in. So, there are sites that say they generate the embed code for you, so you can embed an Instagram post on your website, and they put a fake porn link to create a backlink for porn sites.

The dream didn’t have porn. I’ve never in my life had a sexual dream. It was just me searching through embed code for hours and hours. There was an Instagram post, which I do not remember, which really needed to be embedded, and so I had to use this code generator, and then figure out how to remove the porn spam link.

This really sums up the modern internet experience, I think. It’s a tedious drag. Jews are refusing to let you view their shitty web 2.0 social media sites which they’ve dominated the internet with unless you give them all your private information. The whole internet is still filled with porn spam. Everywhere you go, you’re being censored and harassed. The internet just isn’t really fun anymore. They’ve sucked the life out of it. So, in my subconscious mind, there is a fixation with these times that I’ve tried to embed Instagram posts and tried to search through and remove all the porn spam from the bootleg iframe embed.

I really hope that this whole blockchain internet thing works out, and we can have some new internet that is all hosted on the blockchain and is uncensorable. I kind of think that if that existed, the feds would just spam it with child porn and then come and arrest you. I don’t understand how anything can be “uncensorable” and not just get totally spammed to death by feds with illegal material.

By the way, speaking of illegal materials: that threat against the tranny is actionable, I am pretty certain. It’s an imminent threat of death against a specific individual. You can do time in big boy prison for that – I actually think it’s reasonable that direct threats to murder individuals are illegal. It’s been to the Supreme Court, and while you are allowed to “promote violence” in a general sense, or be generally pro-violence, you’re not allowed to make imminent real world threats of physical harm against specific individuals. I think everyone knows that this is illegal, so it does make you wonder who would risk going to prison over a shitpost on a fringe forum.

Actually, having written this all out, I am at the point where I do believe that Matthew Prince probably paid someone to make that post, and probably did the same to me. He said to someone: “find something to ban them for” in an ominous way, like, “wouldn’t it be a shame if someone posted a threat to kill that tranny?”

As far as I’m concerned, Matthew Prince should be suspect #1 in this supposed Irish plot to murder that tranny.

I can only think of that one word: gaywad.

Matthew Prince is the only person who has a motive to risk going to prison to threaten to kill that tranny.

And yes: whoever made the post could have been using VPN/Tor, but even that professional Israeli bomb hoaxer in 2017 screwed up and got caught. Also, even if you’re on a totally secure connection that can’t be traced, there are ways to do old fashioned detective work and figure out who you are.

Matthew Prince should be interrogated about this, and he might crack. He’s a complete gaywad. The other person who had the motive is the tranny himself.

But back to the point: check out my dream story from 5 weeks ago and you decide if I should try to turn it into a novel. I’ve been thinking about that.