The CIA is Running Wikipedia (Wow, What a Shocker)

If you’re me or one of my readers, you’ve seen what happens when you are a successful activist that disagrees with the Jewish occupation government.

A lot of people, however, seemed shocked to hear things like “actually, the CIA runs Wikipedia.”


Wikipedia is one of many tools used by the US liberal establishment and its allies in the intelligence community to wage “information warfare,” the site’s co-founder, Larry Sanger, has told journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Speaking on Greenwald’s ‘System Update’ podcast, Sanger lamented how the site he helped found in 2001 has become an instrument of “control” in the hands of the left-liberal establishment, among which he counts the CIA, FBI, and other US intelligence agencies.

“We do have evidence that, as early as 2008, that CIA and FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia,” he said. “Do you think that they stopped doing that back then?” 

Activity by the CIA and FBI on Wikipedia was first made public by a programming student named Virgil Griffith in 2007. Griffith developed a program called WikiScanner that could trace the location of computers used to edit Wikipedia articles, and found that the CIA, FBI, and a host of large corporations and government agencies were scrubbing the online encyclopedia of incriminating information.

Yeah, it’s been known forever.

And anyway: why would you not simply assume that this was happening? Why would it not be happening?

CIA computers were used to remove casualty counts from the Iraq War, while an FBI machine was used to remove aerial and satellite images of the US prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. CIA computers were used to edit hundreds of articles, including entries on then Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, China’s nuclear program, and the Argentine navy.

Some edits were more petty, with former CIA chief William Colby apparently editing his own entry to expand his list of accomplishments.


In real terms, that is actually more corrupt than using edits for political goals.

“[The intelligence agencies] pay off the most influential people to push their agendas, which they’re already mostly in line with, or they just develop their own talent within the [intelligence] community, learn the Wikipedia game, and then push what they want to say with their own people,” Sanger told Greenwald.

“A great part of intelligence and information warfare is conducted online,” he continued, “on websites like Wikipedia.”

Wikipedia is not something that “anyone can edit” – at least not if it’s a topic that the government cares about.

They don’t even follow their own rules.

I’m supposed to be able to add anything to my own Wikipedia page that has been printed in a mainstream publication, and yet virtually nothing is allowed.

I’ve had my editor friends try to add the following, all of which had links from the mainstream media:

  • I have sex with black men
  • I am a pedophile
  • I support pedophilia
  • I support legalization of cocaine
  • I am pro-rape and support the legalization of rape
  • I support forced child marriage, including to infants, where the marriage is consummated at first menstruation
  • I work with Hamas
  • I am 5’2″
  • I promote marrying Asian women and doing artificial insemination with an “Aryan egg”
  • I live in Lagos, Nigeria
  • I advised Rody Duterte to kill drug addicts

There are several other things I’ve tried to add that I can’t think of right now.

But the narrative is not that I’m a funny guy who says shocking things in a satirical way, mixing my own beliefs with outrageous statements for the purpose of causing social disruption, but that I am actually some kind of skinhead neo-Nazi. Therefore, even extremely defamatory claims against me that have been printed by the mainstream media are not allowed in my Wikipedia page, as people would read it and be like “haha, lol.”

People have no idea how powerful Wikipedia is. Whenever I am reported on by anyone (which doesn’t really happen anymore, frankly, because they finally figured out I was manipulating the media for my own purposes), they just summarize my Wikipedia page.

Imagine if the summary was: “This guy is a pedophile who wants child marriage, but he also has sex with black men. He is living in Lagos, where he is working with Hamas to push his Nazi agenda. It was his idea for the Philippines to kill drug addicts. He’s pushing for the total legalization of cocaine. I don’t even want to get into his brutal and deranged racist IVF agenda.”

People would be like “um, that doesn’t sound real.”

The media would just print it, because they don’t understand the concept of “real.”

Again: there is zero reason, given that I have mainstream sources for all of this, that it should not be in my Wikipedia page. The only reason is that the page is edited to include only very specific defamation, so they can shape my public persona.

The want me to be David Duke or Richard Spencer. I’ve never been that, ever. But I’m not allowed to be interesting or funny, as that would not be useful for the narrative.

That is what the entire media is: it’s a bunch of narratives.

This Should be a Big Story

Wikipedia is the single most influential media operation ever in all of human history – by a huge margin. The fact that it is totally controlled by the CIA should be the biggest story of the decade.

Instead, the mainstream media is not even reporting it – despite the fact that you couldn’t really have a better source than the site’s co-founder, who has the receipts.

If we had a free media in this country – if, for example, Andrew Anglin and Glenn Greenwald were allowed to compete on a level playing field, as is the promise of the First Amendment – none of this weird stuff would be happening.

The public is very stupid, but when it comes down to it, if all things are equal, they will believe truth over lies. I still believe that.

But things are not equal, and they will never be equal as long as Jews control the US government and are able to use that government power to dictate the narrative of the media.