Another Poison Train Crashed (Kentucky)

Did anyone ever figure out what was going on with these poison train crashes?

ABC News:

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency in Rockcastle County following a multi-car train derailment on Wednesday that his office said resulted in a chemical spill.

Around 16 train cars were involved in the incident, including two carrying molten sulfur that ended up on fire, according to CSX, which operates the train.

“At approximately 2:23pm today, a CSX train derailed north of Livingston, KY. Preliminary information indicates that at least 16 cars were involved, including two molten sulphur cars that have been breached and have lost some of their contents which is on fire,” a statement from the company to ABC News read.

“When molten sulphur burns it is known to release sulphur dioxide. Specialized equipment is being deployed to conduct air monitoring in the area,” the company’s statement continued. “CSX is in close contact with the Rockcastle county emergency teams as they continue to assess the situation and we appreciate their swift response.”

According to the governor’s office, via X (formally known as Twitter), at least one home was evacuated, with teams working to evacuate more.

Beshear said enacting the state of emergency would ensure “that every state resource is available to help keep our families safe.”

Why did these start happening all the time?

Maybe it’s a practical joke by the reptoid overlords?

Or maybe it was always happening and no one noticed?

Is it the immigrants?