Censorious Baby-Killer Musk Praises Mass Slaughter by the Jews


It just never ends with this yipper.

Now he’s endorsing killing children???


Israel has no choice but to “destroy Hamas,” Elon Musk said on Monday after meeting with the country’s leadership in West Jerusalem. The owner of X (formerly Twitter) traveled to the Middle East after critics in the US accused him of anti-Semitism.

Who is running this guy’s crisis management operation?

Because he needs to be fired.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took Musk to tour Kfar Aza, the kibbutz in southern Israel struck by Hamas during the October 7 incursion, and showed the visitor the 44-minute film Israel had put together to showcase the Palestinian group’s alleged atrocities.

After the visit, Netanyahu hosted an audio “space” on X, in which he spoke with Musk about what the Israeli government was doing and described Hamas as a “death cult” that hides behind civilians in Gaza. During the broadcast, Musk agreed with most of Netanyahu’s arguments.

It’s a good thing it had no video.

I’ll just leave it at that.

You don’t want to know what Bibi was doing to Elon during the recording.

“If you want security, peace, and a better life for Gazans, then you need to destroy Hamas. You first have to get rid of the poisonous regime as was done in Germany and Japan,” said Netanyahu.

“There’s no choice,” Musk replied, adding, “You need to pair firmness and taking out the terrorists and those intent on murder, and at the same time help those that remain, which is what happened in Germany and Japan.”

Yeah, we sure helped those in Dresden and Hiroshima, didn’t we?


Musk’s visit to Israel was announced on Sunday by President Isaac Herzog, whose office said the American billionaire would be told of “the need to act to combat rising anti-Semitism online.”

During the meeting, Herzog told Musk that “under the platforms you lead, unfortunately, there is a harboring of a lot of old hate, which is Jew hate, which is antisemitism,” according to the Times of Israel.

Yeah, I wonder why?

Is it maybe because of your behavior? Like, maybe because you kill children? Maybe also because you push mass immigration, black riots, child trannies, the destruction of Christianity, economic collapse, and so on?

Maybe this is why people hate you, Jews? Because of your behavior?

You’ve seen how evil can supersede everything, you’ve seen this morning what hate can bring about, you’ve seen how… thought turns into evil turns into hate and into bloodshed,” Herzog argued, urging Musk to crack down on “Jew hate” on X.

Well, he already banned me, Herzog.

Speaking about the film that Netanyahu had shown him, Musk described Hamas as people who have been “fed falsehood since they [were] children,” so they thought that murdering innocent people was a good thing.

“That’s how much propaganda can affect people’s minds,” he added.

Oh, so now Elon, the “free speech absolutist,” believes the Jewish doctrine that “speech is violence.”

Very interesting.

Actually… it’s not that interesting.

To everyone who’s left on Twitter… good luck.


I’m going to start a campaign to have Elon deported.

America stands with Palestine, and we don’t have room for kikesuckers.

Elon has now become the king of the kikesuckers.

What an absolute retard.

He said that stuff about Jews trying to destroy the white race – which was true, by the way – and then his solution is to go to the “right-wing” Jews, who happen to be a bunch of child-killers, and even more hated than the domestic Jews who are trying to wipe out the white race.

This is bad, bad, bad crisis management.

Instead of meeting with these Jews, he should have met with me and other prominent anti-Semites, such as the Ayatollah and Mel Gibson.