Anti-Invasion Activists Rally in Berlin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2014

Up with Germany.
Up with Germany.

Five-Hundred protesters rallied in the German capital on Saturday against the building of a “refugee center.” Both angry locals and “neo-Nazis” were present at the rally, demanding a halt to the invasion.


A large number of police kept watch over the protest march and over a large anti-fascist counter demonstration in the eastern Berlin working class district of Marzahn.

The anti-foreigner protesters waved banners that read “We’re fed up!”, “Not here”, and “Refugees from around the world, but no money for them”. Placards also said “We are the people” and “Wake up! Don’t complain, take action”.

Demonstrators denounced the lack of consultation of local residents about the refugee centre and demanded “protection for us and our children”, while some chanted “We are not Nazis but people”.

Jew-run Germany is now the top destination for invaders in all of Europe as is expecting a total of 200,000 subhumans this year.

This whole thing has gone too far. The people are fed up, all across Europe. Things are now about to get interesting.