Antiracist Censorship and Brainwashing Coming to Scientific Publications

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Check out the abstract for this special article from premiere science journal Nature’s Genetics in Medicine section. The title of the article is “Taking an antiracist posture in scientific publications in human genetics and genomics.”


From its earliest days, the field of human genetics has had a complex, and at times troubling, connection with racist ideologies. Although the modern field of human genetics and genomics has come a long way from those earlier errors, systemic racism remains ingrained in its institutions and practices. Although a variety of efforts are needed to excise systemic racism, we focus in this commentary on the work that must be done in scientific publishing in genetics and genomics. We propose eight principles that are both scientifically grounded and antiracist that we hope will serve as a foundation for the development of policies by publishers and editorial boards that address the unique needs of the field of genetics and genomics. Publishers and journals must go beyond mere policies, however. Editors and reviewers will need training on these policies and principles, and will benefit from resources like rubrics that can be used for evaluating the adherence of submissions to these guidelines.

Reading that something can be “scientifically grounded” and antiracist at the same time is quite funny, but the implications of this are not.

They want it to be impossible to discuss the genetics of different groups of people in a scientific context.