As America Laughs at Starving Blacks, Russia Forgives $23 Billion in African Debt, Promises Free Grain, Weapons, Military Training

It’s really quite a thing that the United States is advertising to the whole world that they are more than willing to cause Africans to starve to death in order to try to hurt Russians.

Everyone needs to remember that the US continues to be incapable of explaining what its goals are in the Ukraine.

At certain points, they’ve admitted they are attempting regime change in Russia, though they’ve not been able to explain why that is a goal, beyond vague allusions to Cossack pogroms hundreds of years ago.

There is not really a clear explanation as to how the US would benefit from destroying the Russian government and causing a breakup of the Russian state. They clearly have secret reasons, related to global domination, but they don’t really say that part aloud.

They’ve also not addressed concerns about what exactly the risks are if the Russian government collapses, given that no one really understands who would take over the series of states that would be created from a destroyed Russia.

Even considering all of this, they are willing to say “yeah, well – Africans are just going to have to starve, because we’re doing this war forever no matter what.”


The Russian government has written off over $20 billion of debt historically owed by African nations, President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, speaking at a plenary session of the Russia-Africa forum in St. Petersburg.

He said Moscow would also allocate more funds to help with the development of the continent.

“The total amount of debt of the African countries written off by Russia amounts to $23 billion dollars with another $90 million to be allocated for the same purposes,” Putin stated, with reference to historical trade and finance links between Moscow and Africa.

On Thursday, the president said Russia would provide hard-pressed countries on the continent with free grain. Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali, Somali, the Central African Republic, and Eritrea will each receive between 25,000 and 50,000 tons of grain, while Moscow will cover the delivery costs of the shipments.

Remember that a huge part of the new America identity created over the last 6 or 7 years is that blacks are a kind of superhuman race that should be worshiped as gods by white people.

This is all very inconsistent, and I can’t imagine someone trying to take it seriously.

It feels like you would just go insane if you were operating under the assumption that the US government is run by honest people with pure intentions.

However, I’m not really clear on the idea that anyone actually thinks that. I think that actually, most people who support the US government are almost consciously evil, in that they just want to kill white people and Christians and force children into homosexuality.