Asian OnlyFans Skank Says She had Sex with Multiple Instagram Employees to Get Her Account Unbanned

Paging Taylor Lorenz!

This bitch from LA, an Asian OnlyFans slut called Kitty Lixo, said on a podcast earlier this month that after being banned from Instagram for slutting it too hard, she was able to get her account back by having sex with employees at Instagram.

On the No Jumper podcast, she said she stalked an Instagram employee using her backup account, and then started having sex with him, and he reinstated her account. “Which was really nice of him,” she said.

It’s not totally clear – the woman is clearly on drugs on the podcast, or maybe just very stupid – but she implies she’s had sex with multiple Instagram employees for favors. I think she says that she had sex with one guy and got her account back, then she lost it again, so she went to his LinkedIn and found his co-workers and started having sex with different people from the company. She also says something about the “Asian community.”

In any normal world, this would be the biggest sex and corruption scandal in Silicon Valley. Instead, we are talking about some Elon Musk hoax – because all of these sex scandals are political, and the fact that Mark Zuckerberg hires people who will accept sex in exchange for moderation and censorship changes.

I guess it’s somewhat different because she’s Asian, and Asian women can’t really do feminism, so she just thinks this is normal behavior to trade sex with men for favors. In fact it actually is normal, and everything that all those whores who had sex with Weinstein did was exactly the same thing.

There is a reason they call hooking “the oldest profession.” A man can offer to work the fields, chop the trees, care for the horses, join the hunting party, etc. He can also kill someone and take the things he needs from them. Conversely, there’s only one thing a woman can offer in exchange for material goods. So this is just basic biology. That doesn’t mean it’s good – in fact, this is why we invented marriage. But it is what it is.

If you talked really, really slowly, you could probably explain to an Asian skank how it is somehow “abuse” if she initiates sex in exchange for material favors. But there just doesn’t seem to be any interest in doing this. Maybe it’s thought that if you started getting Asians involved in these metoo scams everything could end up spinning off the rails.

Westerners tried to get that Chinese tennis bitch to do a metoo scandal after she spent years having sex with a high-ranking government official, and the entire country of China was calling for her to be put in prison for slander and defamation. She had to go into hiding because of Chinese internet trolls – who believe you me, are a lot more hardcore than American internet trolls ever were.

Asians have a disposition that can only be compared to what we think of as autism, where they just can’t process these weird ideas that whites have come up with. The idea that becoming a millionaire movie star in exchange for having sex with one fat Jew is a bad deal, or that the Jew is culpable for some kind of crime, simply wouldn’t process.

Frankly, we should ask Asians the way they view things in order to connect back to basic human nature and logic. Whites have spun off into this Baudrillardian world of symbols of symbols of symbols, abstractions of abstractions, and no one has any idea what is real anymore.

What is real: a woman only has one thing to sell, so if you’re going to abolish marriage in the family, she’s going to sell it where she can sell it.

Of course, the principle also applies to everything else: we would do well to step back from these idiotic delusions about “human rights democracy” and ask the Chinese what they think of power politics. Of course, all “human rights democracy” actually is is power politics – we are literally in a fake war with Russia and instead of saying we are at war with Russia, the government claims that seizing territory from Russia is somehow about “human rights democracy values in a rules-based order.” You’re fighting a war, but the symbols of the war are obfuscated in the minds of the people, so shooting and killing becomes not about power but morality.

Imagine a situation where your family is starving and the family next door has food, so you go and kill the neighbors to take their food. Is that moral? No, not really. It is on the other hand necessary. You had the power to kill and you did so for your own benefit. Because survival comes first.

Of course, the American Empire isn’t in a survival situation, and they are in fact on some strange mission of global conquest. But the concept is the same: justifying violence and theft in the trappings of vague morality is delusional and ridiculous, and leads to a disconnect from the realities of violence and struggle.