Australia: Country in Crisis After Schoolboys Caught Ranking Girls with Spreadsheet

What law were they even breaking?

Apparently, it is illegal in Australia for boys to talk about girls?

What does this mean?

The Guardian:

The Victorian premier says she was “utterly devastated” by a “disgraceful” and “disgusting” spreadsheet compiled by a group of boys at a private school in Melbourne’s east that ranked their female classmates.

Three male students at Yarra Valley grammar in Ringwood have been suspended after they compiled a spreadsheet of photos of their female classmates and reportedly ranked them from top to bottom as “wifeys”, “cuties”, “mid”, “object”, “get out” and lastly “unrapable”.

The school’s principal, Mark Merry, said the students were suspended after staff discovered a screenshot of the document, which had been shared online. He said he was “shocked and outraged” by the offensive terms used.

“When it was brought to my attention, I just could not believe that anyone could A – objectify our young women like that, they’re their fellow students like that and B – be so cruel,” he told ABC News Breakfast on Monday.

“We’re attempting to pick up the pieces now. What has been said can’t be unsaid and now we’re facing the consequences of it here at the school.”

What exactly are the consequences?

What is even being discussed in this news item?

The premier, Jacinta Allan, told reporters she was appalled by what had occurred at the school, amid the national debate on violence against women.

“The behaviour that’s been reported today at the school in Ringwood is misogynist, it’s disgraceful, it’s disgusting and it’s utterly unacceptable,” the premier said.

She said her thoughts were with the young women targeted in the document and that she was “utterly devastated” when she learned about it.

Jacinta Allan, pictured after her utter devastation

“To think that you’re sitting in a classroom with classmates who not just hold these views, but write them down and share them,” Allan said.

“This is no joke. Respect for women has to be at the forefront of every classroom, of every household, of every part of our community, because … too many women [are] subjected to violence, too many women [are] losing their lives.”

“Schoolboys being horny leads to murdered women.”


Well, that is very extreme.

She said the disrespect of women “has to stop”.

Speaking on Nine’s Today show, the federal education minister, Jason Clare, called the incident “disgusting and appalling”.

“It demonstrates that there is still a lot more work to do, it’s a job not just for schools, but for parents and political leaders like me as well,” he said.

The school on Monday will hold an assembly with the entire year level, as well as the parents of the female pupils named in the document.

Merry said suspensions “may not be the end of it” and investigations were ongoing to “work out exactly who did what”.

They called in the police. This is madness.

All of this leftist ideology has gotten so abstract, with so many different levels of ideological gibberish, that you can’t even parse out what is being discussed, and you end up with “this hurt someone’s feelings so everyone is going to jail.”

Boys talking about which girls they think are attractive is both innocuous and unavoidable (at least short of a Taliban type scenario). No one would have said “all male sexuality is a crime.” But somehow, without actually saying that, we’ve reached that point.

This sort of thing is not sustainable. You cannot simply legislate away basic human biology.

They want to completely destroy the boys’ lives