Australia: Government to Make Doxing a Crime Because Someone Did It to Jews

It’s “doxing,” not “doxxing,” and Snake Baker is about to get fucking fired.

Highlighting the whole fucking article, shitty thumbnails, using extra long versions of every single article. It just never ends. But writing “doxxing” feels like we’re approaching the end. This is intolerable.


The Australian government said on Tuesday it will outlaw doxxing — the malicious release online of personal or identifying information without the subject’s permission — after pro-Palestinian activists published personal details of hundreds of Jewish people in Australia.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said the proposed laws, which have yet to be drafted, would involve issuing take-down notices to social media platforms and imposing fines for the intimidation tactic.

The government was responding to Nine Entertainment news reports last week that pro-Palestinian activists had published the names, images, professions and social media accounts of Jewish people working in academia and the creative industries.

Wait, so no actual addresses or any personal information?

Is this even really doxing?

Mark Dreyfus

Would pointing out that Mark Dreyfus is a Jew count as doxing as well?

Pro-Palestinian activists distributed a nearly-900 page transcript that leaked from a private WhatsApp formed last year by Jewish writers, artists, musicians and academics, Nine newspapers reported last week. The transcript was accompanied by a spreadsheet that contained the names and other personal details of almost 600 people, purportedly the group’s membership.

Author Clementine Ford, who was one of several activists who posted links to the leaked information, said that it shouldn’t be considered doxxing.

“This chat demonstrated extremely organised moves to punish Palestinian activists and their allies,” Ford posted on Instagram.

Dreyfus said the new laws would strength Australian protections against hate speech, but provided scant detail about how they would work.

“The increasing use of online platforms to harm people through practices like doxxing, the malicious release of their personal information without their permission, is a deeply disturbing development,” Dreyfus, who is Jewish, told reporters.

Yeah, this sounds a lot more like leaking intelligence than “doxing.” It sounds like journalism.

Jew journalists have doxed randos and claimed it was journalism.

Jews have also done way worse things.

God’s Chosen, in all their glory