California: Fascist Library Shuts Down, Citing Junkies Doing Drugs and Having Sex in the Aisles

Where are these junkies supposed to do drugs and have sex?

Capitalism took their houses from them.

Shutting down this library is a direct assault on the utopian order of the global community of democracies.

New York Post:

A public library in California has shut its doors following months of rampant drug use, robberies and even public sex between the bookshelves as Golden State cities are held hostage by criminals.

The Contra Costa County Library’s Antioch Branch that it made the decision to close beginning on Saturday until further notice as the “repeated dangerous incidents” have threatened the safety of its patrons.

“During the closure, the Library will be working to implement further security measures so we can reopen as soon as possible,” the library service said in a statement.

A library spokesperson told KTVU that this dire situation goes beyond typical bad library behavior like talking too loud, failing to return books on time or even vandalism and theft.

We’ve also had drug activity and drug use both inside the library and on library property,” Brooke Converse, a Contra Costa County Library System representative, said.

People having sexual intercourse inside the library or on property in full view of patrons and staff. We found bullet casings on library property.”

Yeah, well. That sounds to me like standard utopian practices.

We are going to have to get rid of these old people who don’t understand that it is core to our values that drug addicts be allowed to have sex in public libraries in front of children.

This is who we are.

What is the point of destroying Russia, if we become Putinists ourselves?