Australia: NSW Looks for Overseas and Interstate Nurses for Fake Future Covid Surge, Replacing Anti-Vaxers

At church, I recently heard a smug nurse say “well, they can’t fire us all for refusing this vax – they won’t have any workers!”

I interrupted her conversation with her other smug friends and said: “do you think they won’t bring in Africans and Asians and whoever else to replace you?”

That has of course now already begun.

The Guardian:

New South Wales is turning to other states and overseas to recruit nurses to help cope with the predicted peak in Covid cases requiring hospitalisation next month, with some regional hospitals offering generous travel and pay incentives.

Guardian Australia understands the NSW health department is in discussions with the commonwealth about fast-tracking the credentialing of overseas qualifications to make it easier for foreign nurses to start work.

Intensive care and emergency department nurses are understood to be most in demand.

Sydney hospitals plan to abandon their nurse-to-patient ratios in ICU as pressure grows and the NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian has acknowledged the hospital system will become “technically overwhelmed” in mid-October.

SW’s private hospital workforce and bed capacity has already been incorporated into the public Covid response in recent weeks, and recently retired nurses have been recalled and other nurses upskilled for ICU work.

A NSW Health spokesman confirmed “the commonwealth is working closely with NSW Health to lend support in this endeavour, particularly as the state approaches the expected peak hospitalisation period”.

Hospitals are also trying to bolster their workforce by offering short-term contracts to interstate nurses. Western NSW local health district – which takes in Dubbo and is the region with the highest Covid numbers outside of greater Sydney – has posted job ads targeting nurses in Queensland and Western Australia.

ICU nurses who spoke to Guardian Australia warned nurse-to-patient ratios in non-Covid ICUs were not being met throughout August, and reported increasing sedative doses to “knock patients out” in order to manage nurses’ workload.

Sedating patients because you don’t have enough nurses sounds like something that would happen on MASH, not in a modern professional hospital setting.

That is actually scary.

We have no idea what is happening based on the media. Social media isn’t much better, but according to social media, nurses are refusing this vax.

The media is not even mentioning what happens to nurses who refuse the experimental hell serum.

Construction workers are protesting the vaccine, so it isn’t remotely far-fetched to consider that large numbers of nurses would reject the vax too.

But the nurses’ union is out there telling people to become slaves so that they don’t have to work that hard.

Imagine demanding people enslave themselves and gamble with their health and the health of their offspring just so that you can have a short-term reduction on your workload, while at the same time expecting to be considered a hero.

These vaccine mandates are purging the healthcare sector of serious people.