Australia: Preschoolers Told to Make Cards Apologizing to Abos for Colonizing Australia


This is so Jewish.

I wonder if the Jews are responsible?

No… I’d say it’s white women, who, for some reason, act totally like Jews if you give them an inch to make decisions.


Families of preschool students say they are outraged after their children were asked to make “sorry” cards to First Nations people apologising for the actions of colonisers.

2GB listener Kim told Chris O’Keefe that her four-year-old twin grandchildren had participated in a lesson of painting cards apologising to First Nations people on National Sorry Day earlier this year at their preschool in Sydney’s south.

One card read: “Sorry for hurting you. Sorry for hurting your land.”

The other read: “Sorry for hurting the Dharawal people. We will be kind now.”

“Interesting enough, there was nothing spoken about – they just came home with them.

“Their parents had to discuss Sorry Day with them.”

She said her grandchildren were “very upset” and felt “very guilty”.

“As a grandma, I said, ‘You’ve done nothing wrong, it’s all in the past, you have nothing to worry about, you’re kind little children’,” she said.

Kim said her son and daughter-in-law – the children’s parents – weren’t impressed by the lesson, saying it wasn’t age-appropriate.

“I’m shocked. It’s not for them to talk about these things,” she added.

“I don’t understand why we have to make our little children feel guilty for the sins of our fathers, there’s just nothing they’ve done wrong.”

Other 2GB listeners told O’Keefe their children had learned about the colonisation of Australia in school.

“My children attended a beautiful little preschool, both came home at different times saying they’d learned that ‘white men came here and took away the Aboriginals’ children’,” a parent told O’Keefe.

“They chopped down all the trees and poisoned the waterways and then they asked me, ‘Are all white men bad?'”

The most frustrating thing is that conservatives think they can fight back against this with logic.

If we were following logic, black Americans should be forced to write apology notes to the pygmies because their ancestors slaughtered the pygmies – and cannibalized huge numbers of them.

It’s well known to those who studied pre-colonial Australia that the Maoris in New Zealand were on the verge of spreading out into Australia, where they would have totally genocided the Abos, and that white man arriving prevented this from happening.

Everything is known.

It’s known that it’s absurd to hold individuals responsible for things groups of people did. Right-wingers will always say “well, of course, not all blacks are criminals, and individuals should have rights.”

But somehow you want to hold little kids responsible for things their ancestors supposedly did hundreds of years ago?

And the story of what they did is not even accurate at all?