Australian Ex-Soldier Pleads Guilty to Breaking Into Animal Shelter in Full Combat Gear to Rescue His Cat

Tony Wittman and his cat.

Don’t let anyone tell you romance is dead.

It just never involved women in the first place.

Romance involves men fighting against all odds for something they care about. In traditional situations, this could be a woman. Of course if any man now is fighting for a woman, he is just a loser and a dweeb – and he’s not going to get the woman, because women resent men who fight for them.

The Guardian:

A former Australian soldier admitted he infiltrated an animal shelter in full combat gear, then threatened a woman with a fake assault rifle to try to find his cat, reports said.

Tony Wittman, 45, pleaded guilty on Monday to charges including false imprisonment for breaking into the Lost Dogs’ Home outside of Melbourne on Jan. 11, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Under the cover of dark and in camouflage, he forced a 23-year old worker to her knees and tied her hands behind her back.

If you do as I say and listen to me, I won’t shoot you,” he allegedly told the woman.

He made the terrified worker count to 100 as he left the shelter without his cat.

The following morning he came back to get his cat and ended up in cuffs.

Bruce went to war for his cat back in January.

Why will the Australian people as a group not go to war for their freedoms?

I used to think that the Australians were badass, like this Bruce who went hard to save his cat.

But apparently, when the wheat hit the chaff, they couldn’t stand up and fight as a group for their nation’s interests.

Of course, the UK and America won’t fight either. Maybe the French and/or Italians will.

Russians probably would, but Putin already said the vax is a personal choice, so they’re not going to have to.