Austria Accused of Fulfilling Hitler’s Wishes by Turning the House in Which He was Born Into Police Station

For the record, for future generations: I don’t want the house I was born in turned into a police station.

Maybe a “Death Squad Station.”

But I don’t want cops in my childhood house.

The Guardian:

The redesign of the house where Adolf Hitler was born will go ahead as planned, Austria’s interior ministry has said, after a documentary aired new claims about the late Nazi dictator’s wishes for it.

After years of legal wrangling, the government decided to turn the house in the northern town of Braunau, where Hitler was born in 1889, into a police station with a human rights training centre. Work will begin on 2 October.

Oh, so basically they’re going to include a synagogue.

In an attempt to prevent the building on the border with Germany becoming a neo-Nazi shrine, the government took control of the dilapidated building in 2016. The expropriation ended a bitter saga between the state and the former owner.

“Everything will go ahead as planned,” an interior ministry spokesperson said.

The Austrian director Günter Schwaiger, however, said the ministry’s plans for the house will “always be suspected” of being “in line with the dictator’s wishes”. He is expected to release a documentary about the building later this month.

As evidence Schwaiger cited the discovery of a local newspaper article from 10 May 1939, which states that it was Hitler’s wish to have his birth house converted into offices for the district authorities.

Well, the reason Hitler would have wanted that is because Hitler was, at the time, the most famous person on earth, and it didn’t make sense for a house he was associated with to be a private home. Plus I think he might have owned it at the time and was donating it, or knew the current owner, or something.

Obviously, the Jews want the house torn down and replaced with some kind of disgusting Holocaust monument. A statue of a pile of shoes or whatever.