Austria: Feminists Storm News Site HQ After They Named the Race of Afghans Who Gangrape-Murdered a 13-Year-Old Girl

Sad pill!

Sweet 13-year-old girl gangraped and murdered by Moslems!

But do you know what the really sad thing is?

That the news media reported the race of the rapists.

You see, it’s very simple: if it is reported in the media that rapes, murders, rape-murders and murder-rapes are being committed by Moslems, people will start to falsely believe that Moslems are committing crimes.

We have to shut down the reporting of the race of criminals, once and for all, in order for people to finally understand that brown people are not violent.

Finally, some very strong women in Austria are taking a stand against this white supremacist concept of reporting the race of criminals, and defending the Afghans who only did this gangrape-murder on this little girl because of patriarchy, capitalism, the Crusades, slavery, and the Holocaust.

Free West Media:

The murder of a 13-year-old in Vienna, for which four Afghan asylum seekers are said to be responsible, poses a dilemma for feminists: Should there be sympathy for a girl who, according to the current state of the investigation, was drugged with up to eleven ecstasy tablets, raped several times and killed or outrage over “racist reporting”?

The Wiener Einsatzgruppe Feminist Alarmabteilung (Wefa) decided on the latter. Around 20 hooded Wefa women stormed the rooms of the news portal in the Austrian capital on Wednesday and attacked the employees. On handouts, the feminists complained that reports of the heinous crime normalize and reproduce “the murderous patriarchy”. The murder of Leoni is being instrumentalized “for racist and sexist agitation” they screeched.

Praise Allah for the liberation of women.

Islam is wrong about women.

Empowering women has been a great boon to our democracy, as they represent our values.

The Wefa intruders reached the oe24 advertising sales offices via the garbage disposal and attacked several employees to protest against the “racist reporting” by after the recent murders of several European women.

They distributed leaflets with the following appeal: “You say sexualised violence against FLINTAs – women, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans people – has been imported. We say that violence against FLINTAS is the cruel consequence of a sexist society, of capitalism and patriarchy.”

The police were there within a few minutes, after which the masked gang fled. The activists’ goal of occupying the newsroom or TV studio was not achieved thanks to the police action and the resistance of the oe24 employees.

The oe24 managing director Niki Fellner issued a statement: “We strongly condemn this violent intrusion by masked extremists into freedom of the media. We will not let anyone – and certainly not such actions – hinder our critical reporting. oe24 played a leading role in uncovering the judicial failure of the recent murder of women by four Afghans and will not allow itself to be silenced by any action. In particular, we condemn the attacks on our female sales employees, who were terrified by the activists, and demand the strictest consequences from the executive.”

The patriarchy is pure hatred. They can hide behind their female staff or a dead 13-year-old who was gang-raped, but their capitalist agenda remains clear for all to see.

We can’t go around judging someone based on whether or not they drugged, gangraped, and murdered a young girl.

The real red pill is that if we bring down capitalism, we will also bring down the patriarchy. Because without the patriarchy, capitalism can never thrive.

What we need is a communist government completely controlled by women.

Editor’s Note: I wrote a non-ironic followup. The murdered girl went voluntarily to these hajis’ house. I actually hadn’t even heard this story. Actually I think I saw it and thought it was a followup on something that happened a few months ago. Anyway, yeah – that image of Leonie is obviously from when she is like 8. Anyway, knowing she was acting the slut doesn’t really change anything about the above story in terms of these women defending it. Sluts do not deserve to be gang-raped and suffocated with a plastic bag by Islamic terrorists. -AA