What Have Women Done?

Virulent haters have been distributing a photograph of 25-year-old Stefanie W., who was stabbed to death by a rampaging Somalian at the end of June, in order to try to make people falsely believe that Somalians are violent.

Stefanie was stabbed to death in Würzburg, one of three women. She was the youngest, and the only one whose photo has been released.

Police have actually stated outright on their Facebook page that people should stop sharing the photo, as it is “incorrect” and “not right” behavior.

Remembering the dead who are killed by brown people is a sin, you see. It’s the flip-side of NOT remembering the death of George Floyd, who sacrificed his life in the fight against capitalism by being murdered by cops when he was overdosing on fentanyl after committing a felony.

In Austria, a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped and murdered recently by older teenage Afghani asylum seekers.

The thing is: she’d taken ecstasy pills.

Why was she hanging out with Afghani men and taking ecstasy pills if she didn’t want to be gang-raped and murdered?

Serious question.

At some point, you have to ask if it is helpful to not ask that question. The claim is always: “oh of course she was too young to know she shouldn’t be hanging out with Afghani men and taking pills.”

I’ve written about this in relation to the whole “grooming gang” phenomenon in the UK, and though the details of the situation in Austria are being covered up by the media, it’s unlikely they forced the pills down her throat after kidnapping her. If they did just grab her off the street and kidnap her, then of course – oh no, wait, what’s this here?

ABC News:

Officials have said that the victim knew the first two suspects and had voluntarily accompanied them to the 18-year-old’s apartment. There, according to Vienna police chief Gerhard Puerstl, she was given drugs and “crimes against the sexual integrity” of the girl were committed.

It’s the same story, over and over again. These Islamic men cannot even believe what these girls will do. You used to be able to find about six million videos on YouTube of these Afghanis who fled the Brutal Syrian Civil War™ saying “German girl just for fucking.” In their own country, girls don’t go alone with strange men, because it’s against the rules and they will be punished.

With the “grooming gang” situation, these girls in their early teens become heroin-addicted prostitutes for Pakistani gangs. Then, later, the girls come out and claim that they were tricked, and they remained members of the gang for years and would leave their homes in the middle of the night against the wishes of their parents to go hang out with the gang and have sex and do drugs because the Pakistanis were controlling their minds and actions through some mechanism yet to be revealed.

But why are they hanging out with Pakistani men and taking heroin in the first place?

I’ve argued strongly that girls who join these gangs should be punished, because not punishing them, and calling them a “victim,” just means that more girls will get in the car with Pakistani gangs and become drug-addled prostitutes.

“They’re too stupid to know they’re not supposed to do that” is an argument that does not pass the smell test. White nationalist male feminists will claim that they don’t know what sex is. I’ve said that I’ll grant them that – fine, a 13-year-old girl in current year doesn’t know what sex is. Sure, buddy.

Well, as soon as I could walk and talk, my parents taught me “stranger danger.” I do not believe that any young girl, whether she knows what sex is or not, doesn’t know that she’s not supposed to get in the car with strange adult men.

Especially ones that look like this:

Nb4 “oh, but they learned at school and from TV that immigrants are safe!” – do you people remember being 13? It’s 6th grade. You’re learning algebra. This is an example of a 6th grade math problem:

Can you do that now, and show your work? Try it. Click to reveal the answer.

Point being: teenage girls are not mentally retarded. Anyone can see that a menacing Pakistani heroin dealer that is trying to get you in his car outside of the school is up to no good. This illusion of innocence and retard-tier stupidity is how women have been able to get away with so much.

You ultimately end up in a situation where you are saying “children are incapable of learning rules.”

The people who ensure that these girls face no consequences for this behavior are enablers of this behavior. Obviously, a 13-year-old girl doesn’t deserve to be gang-raped and suffocated to death with a plastic bag because she was curious about the Afghani men and their pills. The point is that rules exist for a reason, and if girls are rewarded for breaking the rules with a celebration of victimhood, then the rule has no meaning.

When there is no negative consequence associated with the behavior, girls will keep doing the behavior, because it is exciting. You know the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”? That is literally all they want. Whether it is a nice white husband and babies or an Afghani drug gang, a girl is always just trying to entertain herself. Women all believe they are the center of the universe, which is why they have no sense of honor or personal dignity outside of what is enforced on them from the outside in the form of shame. Awarding a woman victimhood is a form of positively reinforcing a behavior.

Of course, when the exciting time goes south and the girl ends up suffocated with a bag over her head, that does send a warning to young girls. It’s not enough to stop the next girl from saying “hanging out with these brown men and taking these pills seems to be a rather exciting and low risk adventure.” But it could potentially, in some universe, make some girl think twice.

Therefore, feminists protested the news site that reported the race of the gang-rape killers.

They are effectively protesting the concept of restrictions on women’s behavior. Talking about potential consequences is a way for men to present a restriction. These racist patriarchy newspaper men saying “this girl hung out with a gang of Afghan men and took pills and ended up gang-raped and suffocated to death with a plastic bag” is no different than their patriarchy-capitalist fathers telling them to stay away from Islamic men.

Stefanie W. was of course just walking down the street when she was stabbed up by a friendly-looking Somalian with a knife. But what are the chances that she didn’t lobby for mass immigration into Germany?

What percentage of 25-year-old white women in Germany are not pro-immigration?

Well, in 1989, there would have been a 3% chance she was against immigration – if she also was a high school dropout who works on a farm.

I know that’s not how statistics work and I know that chart isn’t explicitly pertinent to the discussion. But it does show that even without all of this bizarro world stuff that we’re dealing with now, long before feminism transformed into what it is now, women were half as likely as men to vote right-wing. That chart is also interesting as it is the year the Berlin Wall came down (the election was in May and the wall didn’t come down until November).

The situation was about the same in 2017, with men voting right-wing 2-1 – after the reunification, which brought a large body of new, traditional-minded voters into the country.

The answer is that women do sometimes hold right-wing views, but only when they’re married. The number of unmarried women with right-wing views is tiny and irrelevant.

Women are not political. They will always hold whatever views are popular.

German women in the 1930s also held popular views.

The reason that some of them turn right-wing when they get married, even if it is not the general social norm promoted by the media, is two-fold:

  • They are controlled by their husband, and
  • They think about the safety and future of their children

But both of those things are becoming increasingly less likely, in general. In fact, the reverse is becoming true: women control their husbands and are actively seeking to put their own children in danger, to destroy their future, to outright physically harm them.

The bottom line is: women are incapable of looking after their own most basic interests. The decisions of women lead to women ending up gang-raped and suffocated or stabbed to death. They are not responsible actors. This entire concept of empowering women is absolutely insane. Leftism is only possible because of the empowerment of women. You can blame the Jews, and you should, but ultimately, Jews are a fraction of the population and women are the way these policies get enacted, period.

As far as “right-wing women” in media – this is a just a sham. They are just attention-seeking whores.

One who I actually would have said I liked, and said was doing good work, Cassandra Fairbanks, just launched a campaign to shill money for the FBI infiltrator who ran the Proud Boys – one of the primary groups responsible for the Capitol Storm debacle.

What she was obviously doing all these years was just looking at the men around her. She has apparently caught feelings for the dark and mysterious FBI infiltrator, however, and this has overwhelmed her capacity to copy.

Then you have Marjorie Taylor Greene – who is legitimately the individual in Congress whose views are most obviously aligned with those of the general public – staging that horrible nightmarish apology for saying “forcing people to wear masks is like the Nazis.”

Of course, I support Marjorie just because she’s there. But this is not ideal.

In terms of the internet right: just say no to women. Regardless of how great a woman seems to be on political issues, you should never get involved with women in any political situation. They all turn into disasters. They are also always both having sexual affairs and being bossy and controlling, because a woman can only interpret men as either her boyfriend or her children. Those are the two modes.

The sex affairs are I guess their own business. It was kind of funny when Lauren Southern had sex with literally everyone in the right-wing. But she also allegedly destroyed the psyche of that Pakistani guy from Breitbart.

But the bossy thing is just an absolute nightmare, and the diametric opposite of what the right-wing should be fighting for. Going out there and saying “you don’t want to be dominated and life-controlled by those women over here – come over to our side, where you can be dominated and life-controlled by these women here!” is only going to attract very low-quality men.

Several people on the right have attempted this feat of bringing a woman to get involved with things, and it has always turned very, very bad.

What we should be fighting for, specifically and explicitly, is the reestablishment of the patriarchy. Men have to establish some form of new order, and then women will conform to it, as they always conform to systems of order.


If you really are just stuck in a place where you only care about women, then take a look at those two girls at the top of this page who were murdered by Moslems, and understand that this is entirely the result of the empowerment of women.

Maybe it is counterintuitive to you, but it is simply a fact of reality: women support policies that get them raped and killed. You can analyze why that is, and we’ve done that here a lot in the last eight years, but you will ultimately just have to come to the conclusion that they always do it.

Women are more than half the population, usually. And at best, they vote 2-to-1 against men for leftist policies. It’s just math. The vote is the primary symbol of women’s liberation, being the first step on the short road to where we are now.

So, then: you can look at these ridiculous male feminists on the right who claim to support female empowerment because they love women, and realize that their deranged thinking actually gets women killed. No matter how they frame it: the more empowered women are, the more female corpses you’ve got stacked up.

Frankly, we just need to really, really pray that there is some instinct in young women preventing them from getting this vaxx. Because that vaxx agenda is feminism creating an extinction level event. There is no real chance that these vaxxed women are going to be able to have kids. Numbers are already coming out about this.

I’m sure that enough will refuse, or their parents will, that we’ll be able to survive as a race. But it’s going to be cutting it close. Some datasets in various white countries have shown that women are twice as likely to get the vaxx than men. I think on average, it is probably the same 2-to-1 numbers we’ve seen in the voting patterns.

That Brings Us to the Point of This Entire Article

This will mean that after the apocalypse, there could be fewer women than men.

You’re going to need a leg-up.

The first thing I would do right now is go get a skull tattooed on your face.

Except don’t get that part on the tip of the nose – that part looks stupid.

That man escaped a chain gang (because the security was designed for a black IQ), but was soon caught.

He wasn’t caught because of the obviousness of the facial tattoo – he was caught because he was slowed down by sluts trying to suck him off. They were ganging up on him and trying to tackle him.

You want to know how bad it got? This picture isn’t photoshopped.

(Yes, that was after Lauren joined my personal training service, and yes, I told her to stop wearing that duck hat.)

That yellow egg shaped object contains six million pound sterling worth of Jewish diamonds.

What’s that? You’re not hardcore enough to go full pussy magnet and get a facial tattoo?

What a faggot!

No but, for real, I hear you. Full skull face tattoo is too much pussy for anyone – even after the apocalypse, when 85% of women are dead and/or sterile from vaxx.

That’s why you need the temporary sleeve tattoo from Anglin’s Pussy Magnet Factory Warehouse.

This unique temporary tattoo features a skull wearing firefighter hat. He is looming over the ticking clock of time, which tocks about the graveyard of death. Women will ask to see your tattoo and come over and roll up your sleeve, before becoming immersed in your true identity as Fireman Ghost Rider.

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There will be no abortion clinics in the apocalypse. But you’re going to want to remove coat-hangers from the farmhouse.


Catch you on the flip-side.

Anglin out.