Austria Puts Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccination Law on Hold, Says Not Necessary for Now

It’s not necessary because you changed the way you do testing and death counting?

Or it’s not necessary because #IStandWithTheUkraine?

The Guardian:

Austria is suspending a law making Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for all adults, just a month after the legislation took effect in an EU first.

The country of 9 million people was among few in the world to make coronavirus jabs compulsory for all adults. The law took effect in February and called for fines of up to €3,600 (£3,000) from mid-March for those who did not comply.

But the minister Karoline Edtstadler said the law’s “encroachment of fundamental rights” could no longer be justified by the danger posed.

“After consultations with the health minister, we have decided that we will of course follow what the [expert] commission has said,” Edtstadler said after a cabinet meeting. “We see no need to actually implement this compulsory vaccination due to the [Omicron] variant that we are predominantly experiencing here.”

As far as I can tell, the entire last two years were erased from the minds of the people as soon as the Ukraine War Show came on the TV. You still see people wearing masks (women), but if you ask them, they say it’s just that they feel comfortable with it.

I dunno, maybe there are some old women who still remember that we were supposed to have a deadly virus on the loose for two years. But I haven’t talked to any of them.

If this transformation of society over a period of literally a couple of days isn’t proof that the masses are really just cattle, I don’t know what is.