Back in My Day, Preschools Didn’t Teach Man-on-Man Anal to 4-Year-Olds

The NGO that makes these programs, LGBT Youth UK, is entirely staffed by women, homosexuals, and trannies.

Adult homosexuals are preying on little kids in government schools and no one is doing anything to stop it. Instead, Scottish right-wingers are making endless YouTube videos decrying wokeness in the latest Star Trek show.

GB News:

Scottish primary schools have started appointing children as “LGBT Champions”.

Pupils north of the border are also being urged to ask pupils as young as four if they are gay, lesbian or trans.

Documents discovered by The Telegraph found schools are setting up LGBT clubs and “gender and sexual orientation alliance groups” under the scheme set up by LGBT Youth Scotland.

LGBT Youth Scotland received nearly £1million of taxpayers’ cash last year and is even urging head teachers to install gender neutral lavatories.

The report comes shortly after the release of the Cass Review into NHS gender identity services last week.

It found evidence for allowing children to change gender was often built on weak foundations.

However, revelations north of the border, which come after Humza Yousaf rolled out Scotland’s controversial hate crimes law, brought renewed criticism on LGBT issues.

Carolyn Brown, an educational psychologist, said: “Children of primary school age are very suggestible and are still at a very early stage of their psychological and emotional development.

“What we are seeing here is the product placement of gender ideology in schools which is potentially very harmful.

“Kids in primary school cannot possibly know if they are LGBT because biologically, psychologically and emotionally they will not yet have the capacity.”

LGBT Youth Scotland claims more than 200 Scottish secondaries and over 40 primaries have joined its charter for education.

The fee to join the charter ranges from £850 to £2,000.

Schools opting into the scheme must appoint at least two pupils and two members of staff as “LGBT Champions”.

A few years ago, people wouldn’t believe that the government would be bragging about teaching anal pounding, rimming, fisting, and even double-fisting to 4-year-olds.

Is this now a “back in my day” thing for me, I wonder? I don’t really think it is, because I’m pushing 40, and I’m pretty sure when I turned 30, if you heard “Scottish preschools are appointing 4-year-olds as champions of man-on-man anal,” you would think it was a distasteful joke. If someone said it was real, you wouldn’t believe it at all.

Now, you see this headline, and it’s just like “yeah, of course they are.”

People don’t seem to be consciously aware of just how fast these various changes have taken place. In particular, the idea of “anal toddlers,” which is very extreme, has been developed over a period of less than a decade.

And before someone is thinking “oh but they’re saying ‘LGBT,’ not ‘anal'” – what the hell is LGBT? What does it mean? It means a man masturbating into another man’s anus, ejaculating into his anus, and then eating his own semen mixed with poop out of the man’s anus. That’s what it means. It’s not esoteric. It’s not some big secret.

This clip from the 1990s documentary “The Gift” shows what “LGBT” means:

(Here’s the full documentary, which you really should watch – it doesn’t show anything graphic, but it lets you walk away understanding what “LGBT” actually means.)

Everyone knew this ten years ago. Everyone knew that if you were talking about an “LGBT” 4-year-old, you were talking about a little boy being fucked up the ass by an adult man.

Forgive the language. People get mad about these descriptions. But it’s important. In previous times, I wouldn’t need to describe these things, because everyone had an idea what “LGBT” meant. Now they want to cover it up, to change the meaning of this concept of homosexuality in people’s minds. They want you to think that “LGBT” just means “a guy who acts a bit feminine.” That’s not what it means. These men have orgies weekly or multiple times per week where 50 men ram their penises into their anuses.

Maybe that’s really what’s changed. They’ve used some kind of sorcery to change the implications of the terms. It was actually inevitable after the legalization of gay marriage, when everyone was saying “it’s okay to be gay.” If it’s okay, then why would you not have gay children?

You have heterosexual children, right? When a little boy has a crush on a little girl, and says “I want to marry her when I grow up,” you don’t say out loud “he’s saying he’s going to put his penis in her vagina,” but everyone understands the implication. Right? We have social taboos about saying things aloud, but everyone understands that heterosexuals engage in heterosexual sex.

Remember Disney movies in the 1990s? Remember The Little Mermaid, where Ariel needs to change the fish half of her body into a human form? She needs to do that so she can engage in vaginal intercourse with the prince.

The scene where she gets her new legs is rather erotic, actually. It shows her naked ass and is a bit foot fetishy. (Maybe kind of inappropriate for kids, looking back.)

When Aladdin “falls in love” with Princess Jasmine and wants to marry her, what does that mean?

It means she is sexually attractive and he wants to have penetrative sexual relations with her.

Everyone understands that heterosexual “romantic love,” which is socially appropriate to talk about publicly and in front of children, implies sexual penetration (penis in vagina). The latter is taboo to talk about in front of children, because they are not old enough to be sexually active in that way, but they are still being “sexualized” by society by learning about romantic love.

Through the normalization of adult homosexuality, the homosexuals have now normalized child homosexuality.

The difference is, homosexuality is only about anal. With heterosexuals, there is a relationship based around family and children. So a little boy can say “I’m going to marry her and we’ll have kids together” without knowing what sex involves. Gay is only about anal. There is no “family.” Now they try to claim gays have families, but gay marriage is not monogamous. These are just two gay guys who live together and go to orgies together. Further, gays only “adopt” (state-assisted kidnapping) little boys in order to molest and sodomize them.

What’s more, they are actually teaching anal to preschoolers. It’s not just about some “identity” gibberish. The Planned Parenthood website, for example, has “resources” on how to teach sex to preschoolers.

Here’s a video about teaching 3-year-olds to be trannies:

Planned Parenthood is directly involved in formulating school curriculums, so this is what they are teaching in schools. They have two separate federal funding programs, and they work with many states to directly formulate the sex education school program.

In both the US and UK, they are training little boys to be sodomized. These programs, started in those two countries, are now being aggressively implemented anywhere the Anal Empire has influence. Remember that in the liberated Donbass, Russian soldiers found tranny materials in the elementary schools.

The Bigger Picture

The first thing the US does when it gets its claws into a country is go after the children and try to turn them into homosexuals. It’s obvious that Western authorities want as many homosexuals as possible in their own countries and all over the world.

Why is that?

Well, firstly, these people all believe in population reduction. Some of them definitely believe in the global warming hoax, but even those who understand that global warming is fake science (designed to justify government action) support population control, as they believe there are limited resources which must be sustained for thousands of years. So, homosexuality goes along with the liberation of women as a means to reduce the population.

On an even more dastardly level, however, these people in control understand that normalized homosexuality is not compatible with any traditional human culture, religion, or value system. If you have normalized homosexuality, you can’t have Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other of the world’s traditional religious/social orders. (It’s also worth noting that Communism, which was designed as an imitation of a traditional society, also did not tolerate homosexuals.) Normalized homosexuality means a clean break with all tradition, and puts human societies in a place where they are ready to accept whatever the media tells them to accept.

Note: I am specifying “normalized homosexuality,” because even in a very traditional society, you don’t necessarily need to kill homosexuals. You can just suppress homosexuality publicly and teach that it is a moral abomination. But you don’t have to necessarily hunt down the homosexuals. You can just ignore it when you see two unmarried men living together, as long as they play along and say “oh, you know, it’s just that neither of us ever found a woman, and it is nice to have company.” For example, the USSR was a surveillance state, and highly anti-homosexual, but even though they could identify homosexuals, they didn’t necessarily arrest them and send them to gulags if they were keeping their dirty deeds private. The same is true in modern China.

What the US Empire aims to do is destroy all traditional societies and turn all people on earth into indistinguishable consumer units with no roots, no identity, no connection to their family or their ancestors. The promotion and normalization of homosexuality is the quickest and dirtiest way to do this. Even if you don’t engage in homosexuality, if you accept it as normal, you can’t be a Christian, a Moslem, a Buddhist. By accepting this as normal, you are denying your traditional culture, completely. Your identity is then entirely formed by electronic media, all either coming directly from the Jewnited Snakes or derived from American entertainment products.

Of course, on the ground level, there are groups like LGBT Youth UK and Planned Parenthood who are run by homosexuals who are obsessed with little kids. But that is not different than staffing the CIA’s black-ops units with people who would otherwise be serial killers – you just hire the people best for the job. The state-backing for child homosexuality is not necessarily due to the fact that the state is run by homosexuals. Central Washington, DC, is indeed the gayest place on earth, per capita, but this is related to the fact that homosexuals make very good operatives in democracies, given that they can’t ever have moral qualms about anything, and do not care about the future or the world we are creating because they do not have children.

The agenda is much bigger than homosexuals simply wanting access to children. This is about creating an entirely new world. That is why the rainbow flag is the defining variable in which side of the global divide a country falls on. Russia is a Christian country, Iran is a Moslem country, China is a socialist/Confucian/mixed-Buddhist country*, but they are all aligned against the US, and none flies the rainbow flag.

Here is a world map showing “anal countries” in pink:

As you can see, it’s more or less a 1-to-1 map of the allies of the United States.

There are outliers, such as Saudi Arabia, but they are exceptions that prove the rule. (Furthermore, it’s not clear that Saudi will forever be an ally of the US. Things are changing fast, and alliances are shifting.) Then there are some countries which are still deciding where they fall, such as Thailand, where certain forces are attempting to normalize anal and others are pushing against it. Thailand is a good example of a country that tried to ride the fence between Western and Chinese investment, and is now being forced to choose. India is another example of an in-between country; I like Modi a lot as a national leader, even if I don’t agree with him on everything. He is a traditionalist, and a nationalist, but he’s caught up by strong Indian opposition to China, which keeps India nominally aligned with the US, which currently keeps the anal flag flying. Poland is having a similar struggle, as there are still a lot of traditional Catholics there, but so many are obsessed with the “Russian threat” that they remain entangled in an alliance with the US.

There are other outliers, but all of those outliers are going to have to make a choice: do you want to be an anal state?

If a country does not want to be an anal state, that means they can’t be an ally of the US, long term. The US has even pushed social reforms in Saudi Arabia, including women’s rights (which is always the precursor to homosexuality). If India and Poland don’t want to go anal, they will need to come to some kind of agreement with China and Russia, respectively.


*Chinese traditional cultural values are an interesting subject, which is very large and opaque. Even before the Cultural Revolution, China did not have a unified religious framework, per se. However, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, “folk religion”/”ancestor worship,” and even Chinese Christianity all have a shared Chinese identity. Confucianism isn’t really even exactly a religion, and it can sort of overlap with other religions. The early Communist regime in China was against religion, but this isn’t a thing anymore.

There is a comparison here to traditional American culture, where you had every sect of Christianity, but it was a “Christian country” where everyone more or less agreed on first principles. The same is true in India, where “Hinduism” is not really a traditional unified religious system, but rather a system of various overlapping cults which share similar principles.

The point is to say: China is a “traditionalist country,” in the same way historical Christian America and Hindu India were “traditionalist countries.” This means they are against normalizing anal sex with men, which in turn means that no long term alliance with the US is possible, because the US demands all allies engage in absolute obedience to their programs.