Virulent Jew-Lover and Anti-America Activist Donald Trump Calls to “Stop the Protests”

He needs to change his flag.

With both the Democrats and the Republicans calling for an end to campus protests, Donald Trump felt it necessary to chime in with his agreement on Tuesday, saying that he also wants anyone who disagrees with Jews to be arrested.

“STOP THE PROTESTS NOW!!!”, the failed former president said in a “Truth Social” tweet.

Trump’s attack on American students protesting a foreign government comes after he supported the massive Congressional war bill, which sent tens of millions to Jews in the Ukraine and Israel, two foreign countries where the US has no vital interests at all.

Trump, who campaigned on “America First,” has shown himself willing to support any country run by the Jews over America.

Obviously, the 2024 election will not be decided based on votes. American elections are a complete scam, where the Jews pick the candidate they prefer. Trump has changed his campaign strategy based on this new reality from appealing to voters to appealing directly to the Jews in charge.

This is why he’s supporting abortion. He knows none of his own people support abortion. He is attempting to appeal directly to the Jewish overlords.

He has a fair chance to “win,” given the circumstances. Many in the media preferred things when he was in office, as it’s a lot easier to attack Trump than to defend Brandon.

People who still identify as Trump supporters need to be told that if he does “win,” he is not actually winning anything, and is simply being picked to fill the role of Chief Jew-Lover of Jewmerica.

This election is pointless, and should be ignored. If Trump were to win, things in this shithole country would continue to get much worse, just as they would if Brandon were installed for another term. You can screenshot this. Trump will do absolutely nothing of value, just like the first time he was president and didn’t do anything.

There is nothing interesting about this election. It is just dumb theater for fat goyim.

Actually, what we need to be focused on is supporting leftists who are trying to unseat the Jews. Unlike Trump and his MAGA posse of kikesuckers, the leftists on university campuses are calling out AIPAC and saying the Jews totally control American politics through their lobbying organizations.

Furthermore: the leftists have already denounced their own party’s candidate, labeling Brandon “Genocide Joe.” They’re saying they’re not going to vote. Right-wingers shouldn’t be voting either. Voting is just some kind of satanic ritual people engage in to consent to being oppressed.

We need to end democracy, we need to end voting. We need some kind of egregious neo-Stalinist to send millions to die in brutal work camps in Alaska. There is no other option than for the government to begin to fall apart and for some criminal psychopath to seize control and start the mass killings.

You’re not going to like the Stalin-like figure who is coming. But you’re going to have to pretend to like him if you don’t want a one-way ticket to Alaska.

Simple as.