Back on Top Again! No Surrender!

me rn

As the reader is no doubt aware, the site was down for a week.

Actually, it wasn’t down. It just wasn’t updated. This is not because I was dead or ill, but because the back end was down. This was my fault. I won’t go into the details for security reasons, but it was 100% my fault, and not the fault of the staff. Well, it was also the fault of some services, which are not good services.

I am prevented from using good services. I am banned from doing business with every company in every Western country, and basically have to only do business with companies that specialize in internet crime (spam and porn and penis pills and so on), despite the fact that I am not a criminal.

Probably, it’s worth going through and rehashing just how banned I am. It’s totally absurd, and it is what leads to these sorts of things.

Probably, I need to do a big fundraiser. It’s been about six months since the last one, and I said I was going to do this at least twice a year.

Anyway, happy to be back. The first 3 days off I was like “hey, this is peaceful.” Then, after the fourth day, I started to want to die. I cannot survive without my work.

My apologizes to the reader.

We’re back in business, however. Please tell everyone.