Hey, Hey, Cowboys. Site Seems Down? I Guess You Must be on Tor!

The clearnet site is down.

Hopefully you people are on Tor.

In fact, you must be, or you wouldn’t be seeing this.

Unless… unless you are reading this after the clearnet site comes back up…

But probably, the staff that is supposed to fix this (not my staff, the staff of the company that manages this server operation) is drunk and/or hungover.

Sunday morning, you know.

Many such cases.

I’m not drunk or hungover personally. However, I did have an unfortunate confrontation with man’s oldest enemy: stairs.

I wasn’t even drunk, but someone put a rug on the stairs. It’s the worst battle I’ve ever had with stairs. Thankfully, the floor is wood, but I seem to have suffered a concussion.

Weird feeling. Feels like being drunk, sort of. I’ve had this condition as a younger man, but it’s been a while.

It’s actually a bit worse than drunk. I was sending people some crazy messages.

Anyway, it’s a good time to be half-assed.

About half the readers are on Tor, so basically, a half of an ass is all I’m required to put in.

Though some would say the site has been half-assed for a while now. Those people are called: my enemies.

Nah, real talk, I’ve been working on some other stuff.

You know, I’m a middle-aged man, and I don’t make money with this website. I don’t even have a salary. It would be cool if I did, I’m sure. But I don’t. I was gonna give myself $100 a day, but it didn’t work out. That means I have to do other things in my life besides work on this site, because you know: niggas gotta eat.

But I’ve got longer term plans for the site, including in the shorter term publishing some of that Illness Revelations material I keep talking about but never feel like trying to figure out.

I was going to write a review of the Fallout show. I have some interesting comments on that. But that would require my whole ass, and [SEE ABOVE]. Anyway, this will give me a chance to finish watching it before writing about it. It is already obvious that the deformed white lass is sexually involved with the negro boy, but I think everyone already knew that. Part of my review will deal with that (and how the show is really effective race-mixing propaganda), but there are bigger and more interesting issues I also want to touch on.

The show is definitely closer to the goal of a good piece of left-wing media. Though it is not actually good, and it isn’t really even left-wing, it’s just race-mixing propaganda. (But that is literally every piece of media produced since the brutal genocide of George Floyd. Because of that unconscionable genocide, black women will never have sexual partners again. White men will get robot girlfriends, but black women can’t even figure out how to use an iPhone, so they’re not going to be having sex with any robots. This is a direct mandate of human rights. It says in the UN charter, written in 1948, Article 72, Section 34C: “…And if a black drug addict and multiple felon is ever genocided by the cops, we have to build a lot of statues of him, and also blacks will be allowed to kill people, and every TV show, movie, and advertisement will feature black-on-white cuck porn. These are our values. Shalom.”)

Anyway, whatever. Enjoy the site today. Do your best to enjoy it, even though it will only be produced using half of an ass.

The crazy part is, just like when any damage happens to my brain, I have a streak of creativity, and was planning on a whole ass day. But half an audience? Half an ass. That’s in the Daily Stormer Charter of 2012.