Based Christian TruNews Elders SHUT DOWN by PayPal Because of Unrepentant Red Pill Coverage!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2020

Our based and wise elders over at TruNews have been hammering red pill talking points for months now. They are no-holds-barred Christians who are going full scorched earth on the Jews. The latest incredible report has confirmed what we at the Stormer have been saying since Day One about the Epstein case.

Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad operative who was tasked with blackmailing influential politicians and persons of interest in the West, but in America in particular.

TruNews got dropped by PayPal after this report. The video is an hour long, but the best bit is the opening monologue, which is shorter. Here is the summary.


The founder of TruNews accused PayPal of conducting a “financial pogrom” hours after the Florida-based Christian broadcaster published a hard-hitting news report that linked the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal to Israel’s Mossad spy agency.

PayPal abruptly terminated the account of TruNews without warning or explanation. The conservative Christian news program has received donations in its PayPal account for more than 16 years without any problems. TruNews is funded by donations from viewers. The weekday Christian news and commentary program started in 1999.

TruNews’ founder and host Rick Wiles accused PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman, a progressive leftwing Jewish business executive, of punishing the Christian broadcaster for its hard-hitting reports on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell:

“PayPal abruptly closed our account on the morning of January 3, 2020. TruNews’ report on January 2 was titled ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: Which spy agency is hiding her?’ Our newscast focused on her father’s longtime service to Israel’s intelligence agencies, how she was Jeffrey Epstein’s handler for Mossad, and how Epstein’s team video-recorded influential American men having sex with underage girls who had been recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell.”

Wiles said the swiftness of PayPal’s action hours after the release of TruNews’ report on the Epstein-Maxwell-Mossad child sex blackmail operation was not a coincidence:

“Any American citizen or entity that questions Israeli actions and its influence in America are now marked targets. Israel’s blackmail operation in America for over 30 years was so successful that it is now dangerous for any law-abiding American citizen to demand a real investigation into the biggest scandal in American history which resulted in much of America’s ruling class being caught in a child-sex blackmail trap.”

Damn. When you’re right, you’re right, Rick.

Rick Wiles even saw through the whole fake “teen sex” angle that the media was pushing and promoting. The real story wasn’t some 16-year-old girls, but the children that the Jews were using for blackmail purposes. This is the real kompromat that the Jews have on our politicians.

Wiles accused PayPal of conducting a financial pogrom against opponents of Israeli Zionism.

“TruNews is a victim of a PayPal pogrom. PayPal and the other Techno-Nazis like YouTube and Facebook are pushing American patriots into digital ghettos if they dare to act like free men and women.”

Wiles said he is driven by his commitment to justice:

“TruNews is demanding justice for thousands of American girls who were raped in Epstein’s fake mansions, and we’re demanding a legitimate investigation into Israel’s blackmailing of influential American men.”

Wiles admitted he has little hope of seeing a real investigation because the FBI and Department of Justice have been corrupted too.

When you understand the Jewish Question, you can just cut through the bullshit like a laser. The JQ like nothing else sharpens the minds and hones you in on the truth.

PayPal also abruptly closed on the same day the account of Bless an Orphan; a nonprofit Christian ministry founded by Wiles’ daughter Karissa Washburn. The Florida-based organization rescues children in South America who were kidnapped or sold into sex trafficking. Wiles blasted PayPal for punishing his daughter:

“PayPal’s action against Bless an Orphan was cruel and vindictive. Daniel Schulman punished my daughter who is saving the lives of little girls who were sold to sex traffickers. PayPal closed Bless an Orphan’s account for one reason. They wanted to intimidate me by targeting my daughter. PayPal is also making me aware that they know what my daughter is doing in South America to rescue children.”

TruNews has relentlessly pursued the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal. The Christian news organization believes that Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein’s Mossad handler, not his lover. Maxwell is the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell who mysteriously drowned in 1991. Maxwell, whose real name was Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch, was a Jewish billionaire who was suspected of being a Mossad agent. He was given a state funeral in Israel and buried on the Mount of Olives.

TruNews also believes that Epstein was not a billionaire, but an imposter recruited by Mossad to act like a billionaire:

“You cannot convince me that Jeffrey Epstein was a self-made billionaire with only one client who owned mansions throughout America and London and Paris. His mansions were owned by wealthy Jews through trusts.”

Absolutely correct.

The outspoken TruNews founder also wants to know who received the video feeds from Epstein’s mansions:

“According to anonymous former employees and women who were in those homes as teenagers, we know that cameras were in all bedrooms and bathrooms that fed video to secret media rooms that were staffed with people capturing the child sex acts on video. Who received the video? I believe it was sent to Tel Aviv for blackmail purposes.”

Rick Wiles had some other interesting points to share in the program:

  • Christ is our Lord and Savior and gives Rick (and us all) strength to continue the fight against the Jews.
  • Evangelicals are scum and apostates.
  • Big Tech is working to shut him down on multiple fronts; his source of donations has dried up.
  • Where are the true Christians in America? Why are they so afraid?
  • Jesus hates pedos, they will burn in hellfire. Traitors too.
  • Jews killed Christ.

Rick Wiles is, of course, right about everything.

Someone really needs to get this honored elder up to date with crypto. At the rate things are going for TruNews, it will be the only source of income left for their whole organization.

It will be hard going for TruNews. 

Most of his listeners are older folks who aren’t computer-savvy. They’re going to struggle to get crypto over to Rick. But on the upside, there are a lot of dank memes and lore that they’ll be exposed to.

The chances of you making any money on crypto or being able to run a news organization on it are close to zero. But it will do wonders for your meme portfolio.