Big Shakeup at the Mossad as Fourth High Level Agent Resigns! What!

I don’t know what it means that the Israeli intelligence service is being restructured completely.

It seems like relevant news, but I don’t have any comments.


Unnamed commander of Mossad’s special operations division has resigned, accoridng to Israeli media. He reportedly became the fourth high-profile official to leave Mossad in seven months since David Barnea became director of the Israeli intelligence agency in June 2021.

According to a Channel 13 News report on Sunday, the commander resigned after Barnea allegedly told him that he and other officials had become a “burden on the organization.”

Barnea wanted to make major changes to how the department headed by [the unnamed commander] works because of difficulties in operating Israeli agents abroad, and [the commander] did not implement them as requested,” Haaretz detailed, adding that the commander’s deputy and “a number of agents also resigned” over the incident.

The commander has reportedly since been replaced.

I suppose the key here is “operating Israeli agents abroad.”

These people operate in every country, presumably. Along with spying, they commit a lot of assassinations.

I would think the only change could be “become more aggressive” or “become less aggressive.” I have no idea if it is one or the other, and I don’t know if you spent however much time reading Israeli news you’d be able to figure that out. I’m not going to try to do it. Most of the relevant stuff would probably be in Hebrew only.

Of course, just like the American intelligence, Israel also operates private intelligence organizations, mostly made up of former Mossad agents. The US has done this usually to bypass various laws (remember laws?), whereas Israel probably just does it because private for profit companies typically function more efficiently than government agencies.

Then you have the fact that every Jew is effectively a de facto Mossad spy, as every Jew will cooperate with the Mossad. That’s how a tight race works. We’ve seen a similar thing with the Chinese, where the CIA hires Chinese people and then are shocked to find out they’re double agents. The difference is that there are Chinese homosexuals and feminists who oppose Chinese society. Jews don’t have any actual moral norms other than “support the Jew race.”

Obviously, there are a couple of anti-Jewish Jews. But I’ve started to agree with the Jewish claim that a Jew who opposes organized Jewry is a “self-hating” Jew. Well, no. The term is wrong, because it implies the person hates themself, when actually they just hate all other Jews as an organized group. This is in contrast to my own status, which is opposing Jews because of what they do to society.

Glenn Greenwald is my favorite living Jewish writer, and he is gay. He grew up in a religious family, meaning he was almost certainly molested by rabbis. (Read this infamous VICE article if you haven’t – Rabbis are basically all pederasts. It’s much more extreme than the Catholic issue, but never gets mentioned.)

“FYI – Judaism is a child rape assembly line.”

The story basically says that literally every boy raised in Orthodox Judaism goes through this.

You can also Google the issue to see the number of arrests. And then realize that Jews who have problems with other Jews basically never go to the goyim authorities about anything, ever. At least 999 out of 1000 Jewish mothers who find out their son is being sodomized by rabbis is going to report to the rabbis, not the goyim cops.

These are the same people who suck the blood off of a baby boy’s penis after they circumcise him.

A bit of a tangent here, but the point is – Glenn Greenwald most likely hates Jews because of being abused.

The only reason a person becomes a homosexual is because they were abused.

Glenn isn’t even right-wing. He is obsessed with hating Jair Bolsonaro. You look into it and he just starts talking about Bolsonaro’s links to Israel. His entire thing, really, is that he just hates the Jews.

Bobby Fischer was a similar figure; although not gay, he demonstrated signs of having been sexually abused (everyone who is gay was sexually abused but not everyone who was sexually abused is gay – they do tend to have other identifiable problems as adults though). I believe, though I am not certain, that Norman Finkelstein is also gay.

The other group of anti-Jewish Jews are high on their own supply, and think Israel is a racist state. The entire “racism” hoax was created by Jews. But I think a lot of Jews involved in BDS type stuff are not actually anti-Jewish, but involved to control and subvert the movement. There’s a lot of evidence of that, if you look into it.

To go back to the Chinese comparison – the similar factor is that these are ethnocentric races that do not believe in ideologies. If you look into the whole thing with Falun Gong and the evangelical “home church” cults run by the CIA, they basically go through the same type of brainwashing that was used during the Korean War, which resulted in American soldiers returning to the United States and passing out communist propaganda pamphlets on the streets. I guess it’s more like Jim Jones, as they don’t technically use torture. They do engage in some low level forms of torture, keeping people locked in rooms and so on. But they definitely don’t actually oppose “communism” on ideological grounds, they are just literal mind control cult victims.

We need to study these Jews further.

It will be interesting to see if the Mossad starts doing a bunch more assassinations. Well, it won’t be interesting to me, I guess…………… 🤔😬