BBG’s “Let’s Go Brandon” Rap Hits Number One, Banned From Internet

Based Black Guy (BBG) Bryson Gray is being censored, but is celebrating that he’s not completely censored. He’s censored on YouTube, Instagram, and Google, but is still able to put the top song on iTunes.


One can’t find Bryson Gray’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on YouTube or Instagram, but the rap track using the meme phrase to criticize US President Joe Biden has surged past Adele’s new single to become the most popular on iTunes.

“I don’t even curse, and I’m the most censored rapper in the world. How is that possible?” Gray told RT on Monday, commenting on the fact that YouTube deleted his song. The Google-owned video platform claims his lyrics contain “medical misinformation” about the coronavirus pandemic. Gray calls it censorship.

“If you can ban art, you can ban anything.”

They’re playing with our free speech; nobody’s messing with them, they’re messing with us,” Gray told RT. He described the behavior of the Biden administration as “nothing more similar to a dictatorship.” Pointing to an example, he said the current government is “trying to segregate vaccinated and unvaccinated,” saying it was “like Jim Crow 2.0,” a reference to racial segregation laws in the US during the early 20th century.

YouTube banned Gray’s track on October 21, saying one of the lyrics contained “medical misinformation” about the coronavirus. They gave him a second “strike” soon thereafter, but said they would respond to his appeal. Facebook-owned Instagram deleted the music video as well.

On Twitter, Gray’s official page is still up as of the time of writing – but one can no longer get his name suggested by the network’s search, even when “CCG BRYSON” or “@RealBrysonGray” is copy-pasted there.

So Twitter hasn’t fully censored him yet.

And Apple is letting his song ride in the number one spot.

Google is engaging in yet another “new censorship” – when they show the iTunes top songs, they start with number 2.

That’s a fascinating new addition to the censorship canon.

But here’s Bryson’s tweet.

But is that true?

Can you resist being canceled?

The basic fact of reality is that he is only on iTunes by the grace of Apple. If they decide to withdraw that grace, he basically disappears.

Frankly, I don’t use iTunes, and if I was a normie, I wouldn’t know where to get his song right now.

I’m not a normie, so I can pull it up on BitChute.

But acting like “being bold” is going to stop censorship is actually absurd.

There is nothing that can stop censorship, except government regulation. Period.

I was the fastest growing alternative news site in the world, and was poised to become much bigger than Breitbart, to the point where I would be challenging mainstream news websites. That was all destroyed by censorship. This can happen to anyone. There is no way to fight back. Full stop. End of story. You cannot fight censorship.

That’s sad, but there is no point in pretending it isn’t true. Nothing is accomplished by pretending. The tech companies have decided that they are fine with censoring 100 million Americans.