Denmark: Cocksucker Cunt Government Says They Will Ban Koran Burnings – Still Have Free Speech

We must say, once more: you can either do freedom of speech, or not.

There is no freedom of speech in Denmark. You can’t burn the Talmud in front of the synagogue. You can’t even say “nigger.”

So, when you have these restrictions on free speech, but then you’re allowed to burn Korans, it is very obvious that you are specifically targeting Moslems.

No one has explained the purpose of this. Now they’re saying they’re going to stop it, without bothering to explain why it was happening in the first place.

They are just saying “free speech” – go burn the Talmud in front of the synagogue in Copenhagen. See if you have free speech. You’ll be sent to prison.


Denmark’s foreign minister said Sunday the government will seek to make it illegal to desecrate the Quran or other religious holy books in front of foreign embassies in the Nordic country.

Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said in an interview with the Danish public broadcaster DR that the burning of holy scriptures “only serves the purpose of creating division in a world that actually needs unity.”

Yeah – missing the point.

You don’t have to unify with Moslems in order to not have a system that is apparently designed to insult and attack them, specifically.

“That is why we have decided in the government that we will look at how, in very special situations, we can put an end to mockery of other countries, which is in direct conflict with Danish interests and the safety of the Danes,” he said.

It’s definitely against your safety.

If you were burning Talmuds, the Jews wouldn’t do mass shootings against you. They would do a lot of other things – a lot of other things – but they wouldn’t shoot you or run you over with a big truck.

The Moslems will definitely do that.

A recent string of public Quran desecrations by a handful of anti-Islam activists in Denmark and neighboring Sweden have sparked angry demonstrations in Muslim countries.

Løkke Rasmussen said the Cabinet of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is determined to find “a legal tool” to prohibit such acts without compromising freedom of expression, but he acknowledged that would not be easy.

“There must be room for religious criticism, and we have no thoughts of reintroducing a blasphemy clause,” he told DR. “But when you stand up in front of a foreign embassy and burn a Quran or burn the Torah scroll in front of the Israeli embassy, it serves no other purpose than to mock.”

No one is burning the Torah scroll in front of the Israeli embassy – and that would serve a lot of different purposes beyond mockery.

His comments followed a statement issued late Sunday by the Danish government saying freedom of expression is one of the most important values in Danish society.

Denmark has had “hate speech” laws since 1939

But, it added, the descreation of the Muslim holy book in Denmark has resulted in the nation being viewed in many places around the world “as a country that facilitates insult and denigration of the cultures, religions, and traditions of other countries.”

Actually, you’re viewed as a bunch of kike lovers who have a state policy of insulting Islam while banning every other form of free speech.

The Moslems would be angry about Koran burnings regardless. However, if they knew there was real free speech, and people could do the same to the Jews, they would be a lot less angry.

The reason the Moslems are angry is that these policies are very obviously specifically targeted at them.

The Scandinavians – and Northern Europeans generally – defined “free speech” as “you can now do blasphemy.” It was about attacking Christians, originally. Then that faggot bitch whiner Theo van Gogh started attacking Islam and some people did some things to him.

Jews were always exempt. You were never allowed to attack Jews. Jews, when it suits them, claim to be a race. In reality, Christians and Moslems could make the same claim, based on the fact that the core populations of each religion is a certain race (which is the same with Judaism – Mizrahi and Sephardi are racially different than Ashkenazim).

Snake Baker contributed to this article.