Belgium: Blacks Loot Stores to Protest Against “Negrophobia”

Daily Stormer
November 9, 2019

Looting stores has long been a negro specialty. Racist white folks tend to dismiss these episodes as nothing but barbaric plundering, evidence of the inherent savagery of the negro race.

Little do they realize that, as he loots, the negro is often making a moral statement. He is protesting against injustice, against racism, against the poverty that is his lot, ultimately against the genetic burden of Africa itself that he is condemned to carry within him forever.

So it was recently in Liège, Belgium, where a JD Sports store manager (of North African origin) provoked mass protests and looting with remarks she made to her staff as the store was closing.

Face to face with the protesters, she later described her own remarks thus: “Without wanting to insult anyone, I said we were going to make a queue for Arabs, a queue for ‘gwers’ [a word browns use to describe white people, not sure whether it has offensive connotations] and, last, a queue for ‘macaques’.”

The word “macaque” refers to a monkey and is sometimes used as an insult for blacks, especially, I think, by other types of browns.

She later claimed she used the word “bamboula” instead of “macaque.” “Bamboula” was originally used to refer to the African troops France deployed in the First World War, but has since acquired insulting connotations, probably not quite as insulting as “macaque” though.

Reports of what she had said spread on social media. Niggaz made YouTube videos about it. Soon the store, where 80% of the staff have brown skin, was under siege from protesters, organised by the Black African Defense League.

I am not a macaque or a bamboula – Stop Negrophobia – Racism is not an opinion, it’s a crime.

Over the last few days, “moral statement” raids against JD Sports stores have taken place in Belgium, England and Holland. All to take a stand against negrophobia, of course. And if the niggaz can get some free stuff, too, where’s the harm in that?

The store manager has since lost her job and been arrested for using wrongwords.

This video shows some of the looting in England.

Here is a raid in Amsterdam.

Until the problem of systemic racism has been solved, negroes will have no choice but to continue stealing other people’s stuff, in order to make the world a better place through the power of moral affirmation.