Belgium: Racist Police Arrest Vibrant YouTuber for Pouring Buckets of Filth on People’s Heads

“Caca de chien” is French for “dog shit”

Brown people see “viral internet sensation” and think “hmmmm… I should pour buckets of oily dog shit on random people’s heads!”

Brussels Times:

Brussels YouTuber ‘YaNike’ – identified by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office by his initials Y.D. – who poured a mixture of oil, water, leaves and dog faeces over passengers on a STIB metro in November, has been arrested, the authorities announced.

YaNike, a twenty-something Youtuber from Brussels, regularly performs public “pranks” in his videos. Several videos of him throwing this mixture of oil, water, dog faeces and withered leaves on STIB passengers were posted on social networks to get as many ‘likes’ as possible.

He did it to another vibrant too

“Y.D. was reported as a notified person by the investigating judge in charge of the investigation and was intercepted by police officers from the Uccle/Watermael-Boitsfort/Auderghem on 2 January,” said spokesperson Yasmina Vanoverschelde. “The suspect has confessed to the criminal offences.”

He was brought before the investigating judge and was charged with intentional assault and battery, damage to property, and damage to property using violence.

This is ridiculous.

Send these people home.

Enough is enough.

As far as I can tell he only used caca de chien on one occasion. That’s not enough to go viral, bruh.