Belgium: Turks and Kurds Do Race War in Flanders

Whites are very anti-racist.

However, their anti-racism has led to them importing people from a bunch of different racial groups who are very racist against one another.

It’s quite a conundrum, as anti-racism has led to race wars on the streets of white countries.

European Conservative:

Intercommunal tensions simmer as rival gangs of immigrated Turks and Kurds continue to fight across eastern Belgium this week, following Sunday’s eruption of imported sectarian violence.

After an incident involving the flying of Kurdish PKK flags in a predominantly Turkish area, Belgian security services were deployed to protect mosques in the Limburg municipality of Heusden-Zolder on Monday. Reportedly, a convoy of Kurds flew Marxist-Leninist PKK militia flags through a Turkish neighbourhood, leading to an immediate response from local youth.

The clashes occurred in Ghent, East Flanders, as well as northern Brussels. Media sources admit that the conflicting accounts and the relative insularity of the rival immigrant communities made accurate reporting difficult.

Belgian police turned water cannons on hundreds of mostly young Kurdish males assembled outside the European Parliament Monday. The Kurds were protesting against sectarian violence directed at their community by Turkish ultranationalist groups during the past week. Belgian police were deployed to defend mosques and schools in the east of the country.

Turkish community groups claim they are only responding to reciprocal violence from PKK-adjacent terrorists, with footage emerging of Kurdish militants attacking a Turkish cafe sometime this week and reports of a firebombing attack on a Turkish cultural association in France.

Increasingly concerned by narco-fueled violence and imported ethnic strife, Belgian PM Alexander De Croo convened a meeting of the National Security Council on Wednesday morning to discuss both worsening gang violence and recent conflicts between immigrant communities, with Brussels and Antwerp becoming hotbeds of gun violence in recent years.

Well, if they’re concerned, they could always just deport all of these brown people.

They could charge them all as being racists, then mass deport them.