Toxic Chemicals from Ohio’s Train Derailment Spread to at Least 16 Other States

The US government claims that private corporations who donate huge amounts to politicians have an absolute right to poison the American population with no consequences.

Then we hear about how Russia and China are “corrupt.”

If a Chinese company did the East Palestine crash in China, many top people at the company would be imprisoned and probably executed.

This is a US story. And it’s only covered in the Guardian.

The Guardian:

Chemicals released during the East Palestine train wreck fires in February 2023 in Ohio were carried across 16 US states, new research of federal precipitation and pollution data shows.

Analysis of rain and snow samples collected from northern Wisconsin to Maine to North Carolina in the weeks following the crash found the highest levels of pH and some compounds recorded over the last ten years. That includes chloride, which researchers say was largely released during a controversial controlled burn of highly toxic vinyl chloride carried by the train.

Researchers expected to find some evidence of the burn 50 miles from the site, and the high levels of contamination in the samples across the vast range that it was spread was “very surprising” said David Gay, a University of Wisconsin researcher and lead author.

“We saw the chemical signal from this fire at a lot of sites and far away,” he added. “There was more than we ever would have guessed.”

Researchers were surprised to find “exceptionally high” pH levels in the rain as far away as northern Maine. Rain at a high enough pH can burn human skin and can harm flora and fauna, though Gay said the threat is minimal because it was a short-term spike.

He theorized the train’s cargo, which included medical cotton balls, frozen vegetables, and seminola likely contributed to the high pH because it released huge volumes of calcium, potassium and magnesium. Meanwhile, firefighting foam that may have been used at the scene also could have contributed high calcium levels that pushed up pH.

There are no limits on what corporations are allowed to do in terms of releasing poisons into the environment in America.

With this “green initiative,” the government is actively demanding that companies produce more toxic chemicals to pollute the water, and subsidizing them.

Is clean air and water too much to ask for?

Apparently it is, because if you ask for it, people in the US government will start talking about how cow farts are changing the weather.