Bernie Sanders Engages in “Islamic Style” Gang-Rape of Uppity VICE Journalist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2019

This headline is a part of a series of headlines intended to make the 2020 presidential race seem more interesting than it actually is.

Sanders did not actually gang-rape Elizabeth Landers.

Even though she deserved it because she is the epitome of an annoying, aggro “asking for it” slut.

Fox News:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., had a tense exchange with a journalist Wednesday after he was pressed to distinguish himself from his presidential opponent Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

“You and Senator Elizabeth Warren have a lot of similar positions on issues,” Vice DC correspondent Elizabeth Landers began. “Why should someone vote for you over her?”

“Well, that’s a decision that someone’s going to have to make,” Sanders responded. “I stand with the working class throughout my life. I’ve taken on Wall Street, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry.”

“She’s done a lot of that too,” Landers said.

“Well, that’s fine,” Sanders continued. “Elizabeth happens to be a friend of mine. I’ve known Elizabeth for over 20 years.”

Landers then press Sanders on when he was going to have to “stand up” and say his plans were “better” than Warren’s, which he refrained to answer.

“So you won’t directly criticize her policies?” Landers asked.

“Elizabeth, that’s not what I do,” the Vermont senator replied. “There will be a time and a place obviously that will-”

“When is that?”

“That’s a media question,” Sanders said. “What people want to know is what I stand for and people can make that decision.”

VICE is an absolute neocon shill outlet. They are trying to harass and discredit Bernie Sanders because he is against their Jewish program of invading every country and forcing them to accept a brutally invasive program of Jewish-style democracy.

It’s amazing that VICE has been able to market itself as the “hip” alternative news source when it is actually pushing the foreign policy of Dick Cheney. But the goyim are just so stupid, none will ever question wars as long as wars come with infinity trannies.