Trump, Under Massive Umbrella, Laments Downfall of Territory of the Former United States

From under a large umbrella, Donald Trump – who is still the president of America, by the way, he won the last election by a lot – lamented the persecution of him by his political opponent in a country which is supposed to be a democracy.

These statements come after the latest indictment against him, which is about January 6 somehow. Honestly, I haven’t even bothered reading it. I probably will, but I haven’t yet.

Long time readers will remember that this is exactly what I said would happen.

I mean, I hate to brag, but I told you:

  • The election can’t be real with mail-in ballots
  • After they fake the election, they will bury Trump in prosecutions and eventually send him to die in prison
  • If the 2020 election is allowed to be faked, there will never be a possibility for another real election, and we will be living in a one-party state until it collapses

I’m not good at keeping track of my own writing, but I said this all the way through the entirety of 2020, leading up to that moronic fake election.

I don’t really know what I’m even supposed to say at this point.

I’m reporting on stuff I reported on three years ago.

It’s exhausting being so right about everything.

It’s really a curse.

God bless Trump, I wish him the best, but my advice to him would be to flee the country while he still can. He can run in this fake election from Russia, and then declare himself president-in-exile.

That was another thing I said – in November of 2020, I told Trump to flee to Russia and declare himself president-in-exile.

I said all of this stuff.

It was all very obvious.

It’s not clear to me why I am the only one this is all obvious to, but it is certainly all very obvious to me.

The good news about all of this is that the rest of the world can never, ever take the US’ claims about being a “democracy of freedom” seriously.

Joe Biden is going to Africa talking about “free and fair elections,” and everyone is just like “nigga, shut yo mouf.”