Bibi Goes Ape After IDF Spokesman Says Hamas Cannot be Defeated

Hamas is basically Solid Snake.

Hamas will pop out of a tunnel and silently snap a Jew’s neck, then slip back into the tunnel while some other Jew has a question mark popping up over his head.

This is what I said from the beginning: they are in tunnels. You cannot defeat them. You can kill everyone in Gaza, then blockade it, and after however many years, Hamas will starve to death. Maybe. Frankly, I think they’d go through tunnels to Lebanon and Egypt and then release videos on the internet like “still here, kikes!”

NBC News:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may still be leading the nation into its 258th day of war in Gaza, but on Thursday he stood increasingly alone — and at odds with his own military.

Long criticized at home as well as abroad, Netanyahu’s approach is now the subject of a deepening disagreement with his top brass as well as his country’s top ally, the United States.

Israel’s leader dissolved his war Cabinet earlier this week after political rival and former defense minister Benny Gantz stepped down, accusing Netanyahu of standing in the way of “real victory.”

And on Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces’ top spokesman seemed to lay bare the rift at the top of the country’s leadership. The central stated goal of the war in Gaza — to destroy Hamas — was not possible and to maintain it was meant “throwing sand in the eyes of the public,” said Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari.

Hagari should have said “it turns out, Anglin was right this whole time.”

“Hamas is an idea. Anyone who thinks we can eliminate Hamas is wrong,” Hagari said during an interview with Israeli broadcaster Channel 13. “The political echelon needs to find an alternative — or it will remain,” he said, referring to the Palestinian militant group.

Netanyahu’s office quickly rebuffed the comments, saying “the political and security cabinet headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu defined as one of the goals of the war the destruction of Hamas’ military and governmental capabilities.”

“The IDF is of course committed to this,” it said.

Apparently not, actually.

The IDF signaled its agreement, saying it was acting to achieve Israel’s war goals “tirelessly” and “will keep doing so.” Hagari, it said in a statement, “addressed in his interview the elimination of Hamas as an idea and ideology, which was stated explicitly and clearly. Any other claim is taking the quote out of context.”

Hamas welcomed Hagari’s comments as an “admission” of defeat.

It is an admission of defeat.

Hamas won.

Even if the Jews slaughter every single person in Gaza, Hamas wins.

Hamas is not only still alive, they are still breaching the Jewish border.

The goal of “destroying Hamas” was retarded but there’s basically no way Bibi didn’t know that, so all this means, as far as I can tell, is that it’s time for the next phase of the operation, which is the invasion of Lebanon.

That’s why you’re hearing so much about that.

And the fact that the IDF just said “this mission can’t be completed” seems to be the last signal Bibi needs that it’s time to move into Lebanon.

Hold onto your hats, because we’re in for a wild ride.