NYC: Jew Family Pogromed During Elementary School Event as Public Shouted “Free Palestine!”

You know, we use the word “pogrom” ironically.

But some of this stuff is getting into the realm of “literal pogrom.”

Maybe the Jews should have changed their behavior?

New York Post:

A Jewish mom and her husband were attacked and beaten at a Brooklyn elementary school graduation by an Arabic-speaking family โ€” who taunted them with shouts of โ€œFree Palestine!โ€ โ€œGaza is Ours!โ€ and โ€œDeath to Israel!โ€ she told The Post.

The mayhem erupted at PS 682 in Gravesend just after the schoolโ€™s fifth-grade graduation โ€” which was themed, ironically, โ€œAll you need is love.โ€

Instead, the Jewish womanโ€™s husband was thrown to the ground by members of the other family. One man put him in a chokehold, he said. Others grabbed his legs as they kicked and punched him. One woman repeatedly whacked him with the sharp heel of a black stiletto, the mom told police.

โ€œThey targeted my family because we are Jewish,โ€ said the mother, whose 10-year-old twins witnessed the assaults.

โ€œA graduation event that was supposed to be joyous and memorable turned into a violent and traumatizing one.โ€

It was one of the worst outbursts of antisemitism in NYC public schools since the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack in Israel and war in Gaza, because it escalated beyond words, said Tova Plaut, a city educator and advocate for Jewish peers.

โ€œWe consistently warned that tolerating overtly antisemitic views would create a toxic environment for Jewish students and families, inevitably leading to physical violence,โ€ Plaut said. โ€œThis has now occurred.โ€

The Jewish mom, Lana, and her husband Johan, a Dominican who is Catholic, recounted their horrific experience to The Post in frustration because the NYPD did not classify the incident as a hate crime.

But after the couple urged the NYPD to reconsider, a spokesperson said Saturday, โ€œThe Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident.โ€

The Post is withholding the coupleโ€™s last names to protect their childrenโ€™s privacy and safety.


Little scratches.

But the bigger issue here is… actual pogroms appear to be forming.

No wonder the Jews have formed a massive secret intelligence network to try to manipulate all of American society.

They are facing some potentially very bad problems.