Famous NY Church Tests Positive for Highly Toxic Air

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New York Post:

A famous church that once hosted Al Capone’s wedding, along with 20 other sites near Brooklyn’s toxic Gowanus Canal, are in need of one hell of a clean-up after testing positive for dangerously unsafe air, The Post has learned.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation in late April uncovered cancer-causing vapors seeping from polluted soil into the basement and rectory of St. Mary Star of the Sea Church in Carroll Gardens.

“This is coming from God knows where,” sighed the church’s pastor, Monsignor Guy Massie. “We’re doing the best we can right now, but this has been a big shock.”

Monsignor Guy Massie

There was one saving grace: The air in the 173-year-old house of worship where mass is held — and where the Brooklyn-born Capone married his wife Mae in 1918 before moving on to rule Chicago’s gangland — came back clean. So did test results for the private school next door that rents space from the church.

The state in September quietly been investigating roughly 100 blocks in and around the canal – where thousands of people live and work — to determine how many properties are contaminated, The Post reported last week.

On Thursday, the agency confirmed it’s tested 131 of the 626 properties it’s targeted during the ongoing first phase — and 21 had air levels of hazardous chemicals above “acceptable” levels.

The DEC refused to identify the sites that tested positive or release toxicity results, but the Court Street church was identified in a letter sent Tuesday to parents of students at the International School of Brooklyn.

Yeah, best of luck.