Biden Administration Finally Cracks Down on Invaders – Orders Deportation of Christian German Family


You should have gone to Russia.


Washington Examiner:

A Christian German immigrant family has been pleading with the Biden administration to stop their upcoming deportation after living in the United States for 15 years. They fled Germany in 2008 after being threatened with fines and prosecution for homeschooling their children.

“We are supposed to come back in two weeks from now to show our passports to be ready to move our family back to Germany,” Uwe Romeike told Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham on Monday night.

The Ingraham Angle host contrasted the German family with the influx of immigrants flooding the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Are you watching this play out at the border of the United States where 500,000 Venezuelans are given work permits and are given work permits without any examination of their claims for asylum — no investigation at all of their claims? Yet they are being given temporary protective status. What do you think about that?” the Fox News host asked.

“Their whiteness is unbearable” – some Jew

“It’s interesting. We try to do it the right way. We don’t get the right to stay here or to immigrate. For 15 years, we fight for that right, and it seems there are two faces to this administration,” Hannelore Romeike said.

The family of seven left Germany due to the country’s laws only allowing homeschooling in limited circumstances and being fined $9,000. They filed for asylum and now reside in eastern Tennessee.

The family initially claimed in its asylum request that “God was calling them to homeschool” their children and German schools were “anti-Christian.”

The family members have been given four weeks to obtain German passports and return to their home country, where homeschooling remains largely illegal.

The government will probably steal their kids and give them to homos as revenge for trying to escape.

Honestly, if they just get on a plane to Russia, even if they don’t have visas they will be able to claim asylum. It might be hard to get on the plane without the visa. They can go to Belarus.

Germany is very hardcore on values and principles