Watch: Trump Proposes Shooting Thieves as They Leave Stores to Solve Retail Crime Problem

Just arresting them would probably be enough.

But shooting them is way funnier, which is why I totally and completely support this plan.

The Guardian:

Donald Trump called for shooting store robbers on Friday in a bleak speech to California Republicans –and warned “this country will die!” if Joe Biden remained president.

During the address to GOP members, Trump also railed that wealthy Beverly Hills residents smell because of water denials, and repeated election fraud lies, according to the Associated Press.

We will immediately stop all of the pillaging and theft. Very simply: If you rob a store, you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store,” Trump said, spurring applause. “Shot!

The rhetoric is in keeping with Trump’s tough-on-crime mantra but signified a ramped up emphasis on punishment. Trump has previously pitched shooting migrants to keep them from entering the US.

Freedom isn’t free.

You have to kill Mexicans and black people.

The former defense secretary Mark Esper has said that Trump asked about shooting George Floyd protesters. He also floated imposing the death penalty on convicted drug dealers, cop-killers and human traffickers, AP said.

Several other GOP presidential hopefuls also attended the event. It is unlikely that California voters will pick a Republican during the general election, but any GOP candidate that triumphs in this state’s primary sees an easier path to the nomination.

California has 169 delegates up for grabs and a novel change in rules could give Trump, who is leading the GOP pack, a leg up. Under this new rule, Trump would take each of California’s delegates should he garner more than 50% of its primary vote, AP explained.

People get really angry at these black looter videos. They get angry because these people are not following the rules, but probably, the core of the anger is that the media are telling us that violent criminals are actually victims, and we should give them a lot of money for free.

The people they should be mad at, however, are the Jews who created this situation by prosecuting the cops who used to stop this sort of thing.

The only way Trump’s statement could be cooler if he said he was going to send robots to shoot them. That would really be a lot of fun, seeing killer robots that look like Daleks slaughtering the blacks.

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